Scorpions, Centaurs, and Phoenixing, Oh My!

***New Moon in Scorpio 15°11’ 8:01am PST***

Most new moons are a wonderful time for planting seeds, setting new intentions for the new lunar cycle, for new beginnings. This new moon in Scorpio facing the Scorpio sun is a little different—Scorpio energy swims in the waters of death, transformation, and rebirth. On top of that we have the lunar nodes, Jupiter, and Uranus all at 29°. Each house is divided into 30°, so when a planet is at 29° this is generally seen as a significant point of transition in astrology. This new moon is more about letting things go to make room for necessary growth and change, so while we still get this fresh beginning, it could be a much more intense process. The beautiful part is that this moon brings us the opportunity to really transform, even if parts of getting through it could be painful.  

I spoke about this new moon with my friend and professional astrologer, Beatrex Quntanna (read more about her here), and she had some thoughts for spoonies who have been struggling. Jupiter at 29° Scorpio provides us with a unique window of opportunity:  “…Anyone who’s going through challenges with chronic illness—this is like a last chance thing; you could really get past something soon if you use this 29th degree to your advantage, otherwise it could relapse and go backwards,” she says. Beatrex also suggested an exercise to try during this new moon: “if you’re having a health challenge, I would place your hand on the body part that is being challenged—say someone is having chronic knee problems, I would place the right hand on the knee and ask the knee to recalibrate to a higher level of intelligence, so it can move past the stuck issue.”

If you’re dealing with something like an autoimmune disease, I think this could work in asking for recalibration surrounding how you are approaching coping and seeking treatment—I plan to try placing my right hand over my forehead and asking my intuition and thought processes to recalibrate. With Jupiter moving into Sagittarius the day after this new moon, Beatrex says, “It’s a good chance to jump out and overcome an obstacle with your chronic health issue.” 

Speaking of Jupiter moving into Sagittarius, check your chart to see where you have Sagittarius ♐️, and what area of life you’re about to get some expansion energy in (this can be an uplifting lil exercise, as Jupiter brings positive growth, luck, expansion, and a lil magic into whatever house it’s transiting—especially in its home sign of Sagittarius). I’ll go over how to find the new moon in your chart below, and you can use this same technique to find any planet. Since Jupiter is moving into Sagittarius, look for which house in your chart has the ♐️ symbol. That will be the house and area of life you’re getting a nice boost from Jupiter in. 

For these horoscopes, I pulled a card for each sign/house as a little message on how to get through this time of transition. Take a look at your chart, and find the house that has Scorpio (♏️). I’ll use my chart again as an example, and you can see that Scorpio ♏️ is in my 6th house. 41EF1A1A-2C9E-4953-97E9-4E6A23D26CA2As a Cancer, this moon will be lighting up my 5th and 6th house, so I would read for Cancer and the 6th House (Gemini). For some of you it will light up just one house, for others you’ll want to read both. If you don’t have your chart, you can get a free one here. 

Spoonie Tarotscopes: New Moon in Scorpio 

5B6124F2-DF18-430F-AE33-EBFB2C6B9EF2Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) & 1st House: This new moon in your 1st house of self-image lights up your self-confidence, how you feel about yourself and the way you present yourself to others. What personal habits are healthy, and which can be tossed to make room for more growth? Chronic health issues can do a number on your self-esteem, and this is a powerful moon for transforming how you see yourself. The message of the 5 of cups is to reframe your focus to the cups that haven’t spilled—the things you DO have to work with. Maybe you’ve gone through a lot of loss lately—even without the losses we face with chronic illness, often there is some loss that comes with any personal transformation. The challenge of this new moon is to let go of some of the resentment or bitterness weighing you down, to make room for some positive changes in how you feel about your self-image.

ED601246-8AC7-40BE-A615-C5BCC475BECCLibra (Sept. 23-Oct.22) & 2nd House: The new moon in your 2nd house of self-worth and finance lends the transformation energy of Scorpio to your physical environment, your budget goals, and the ways you seek pleasure from the earthy side of life (things you experience with your 5 senses). What in your spending and income can be transformed for the better, what ways can you combat physical pain with some kind of pleasure? Your tarot card for this moon is the King of Cups, urging you to tap into your emotions—how can you transform towards more emotional stability in these areas of life? This card suggests that getting in touch with the emotions stirred up by your sense of self-worth, budget,  your physical interactions in your world, will help you figure out how to grow and change in those areas.

410CDE3A-9E23-4216-A3E0-904010647DD0Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) & 3rd House: This new moon in your house of communication brings transformation and new beginnings to the way you talk and interact with others, how you learn, how you take care of daily details. Chronic pain, depression, and illness can have a huge impact on how we communicate with the people in our lives. The queen of cups is such a nice card to pull for this moon—she supports the energy of growing and moving forward. This card suggests that communicating from a place of intuition, honesty, and love will help you through this transition. The queen of cups sometimes brings up issues with anger, depression, and hormonal imbalance, so these are not things to be stuffed down and ignored. Now is the time to face and feel them so you can let go, progress, and make room for that new growth this Scorpio moon wants for us.

05B39640-F971-4633-8AFC-3426E01B7C48Leo (Jul. 23-Aug. 22) & 4th House: The new moon in Scorpio falls in your 4th house of family, home, and roots. It is bringing opportunity to transform your inner sense of security, and to get in touch with issues surrounding intimacy. How are you feeling at home and about your interactions with family? When we’re dealing with chronic health issues, spending a lot of time at home and depending on family for help, this can be a tricky house to have things stirred up. Scorpio wants us to delve into the uncomfortable, murkier emotional territory, so really let yourself tap into how you’re feeling in those areas. The Ace of Swords suggests it’s a great time for a whole new mindset, and is a message that with calm consideration you can come to a clearer understanding of what you want from your family and how you want to feel in your home. The Ace of Swords is about rebirth and new beginnings, getting to the truth of things to make way for the transformation.

CEAAF381-9A7C-452E-AD44-4D563A5ACEABCancer (Jun. 21-Jul. 22) & 5th House: This new moon in Scorpio brings action to your fifth house of self-expression, creativity, and pleasure. With the new moon in this house, there’s a boost in creativity, but there’s also opportunity to look honestly at what you need from others in the way of approval or validation. This can be a lovely time where there’s more boldness, more romantic feelings swirling, and artistic ideas are flowing. The Scorpio energy, however, asks us to dig deeper into how we feel about how we express ourselves to the world, how we seek, give, and receive pleasure. This is particularly important for spoonies dealing with chronic pain and discomfort. The Empress asks you to look at these areas of life through a nurturing lens. Where can you nurture your creativity, where can you bring balance to the ways you express yourself, and where can you make room for more pleasure? Transformation in these areas can help so much when we are struggling with health issues.

9482541E-7E44-4B83-A1D7-CF893DADDFB4Gemini (May 21-Jun. 20) & 6th House: The new moon in Scorpio falling in your 6th house of work and health brings the opportunity for transformation in your day-to-day routines, your physical health, how you feel about your contribution to society, and how you earn money. This is a good time to recalibrate your daily activities, your self-care routine, your nutrition, and any health-related things that need change. This is a nice house for spoonies to have new beginnings, but all of this Scorpio energy means it could be intense—you’ll have to dig deep and possibly face some unpleasant truths about changes that you need to make. The 9 of Wands suggests getting yourself in a stable, safe position. If you’ve had a lot of setbacks, this is the card that comes up to say “You’re close to completing this cycle, stay determined!” If you keep pushing forward you will get some good transformation going for the better. The 9 of Wands is also sometimes seen as a good health card, so a nice card to come up for a spoonie reading. I know you’ve been through a lot in this house of health, and the message here is to not give up. Take care of the things you can control, do the digging to see how you can set yourself up in the best possible way, and let some of this new moon’s magic boost you towards some progress in this house.

31B80D16-403D-433C-B549-19C1D4D3F64BTaurus (Apr. 20-May 20) & 7th House: This new moon falling in your 7th house of partnership and marriage brings the Scorpio transformative energy to your relationships, romantic partners, and how you feel about the support your getting in relationships. This is a good time for redefining and making changes in your partnerships, especially where anything is imbalanced. The 2 of Swords often comes up when there are two opposing or contrasting factions facing off—the message here is that balance is possible, and if a definite choice needs to be made, the guidance is to go with what will bring more harmony and balance. Take a look at where you might be playing the peacemaker, where you might be putting off making a decision about someone in your life. This moon could have you facing some of the more difficult aspects of your relationships, and perhaps some uncomfortable truths about yourself. It might not be easy, but this is a chance to make necessary changes that can bring your relationships into a healthier balance.

ABAE79F5-A49E-4C59-8ACB-4A69DE52A1B7Aries (Mar. 21-Apr. 19) & 8th House: The 8th house of transformation and sexuality is ruled by Scorpio, so this is an intense house to have lit up by a Scorpio new moon. This new moon is in part about finding your power, and changing how empowered you feel. With all of the Scorpio energy, you might find yourself digging deeper into issues surrounding your sex drive, how you feel about intimacy.  Since this is also the house of ‘other people’s money,’ things like shared finances, loans, even taxes could come up as things that need to be dealt with or reorganized. The Knight of Wands comes in with the message that you are ready for this change, you are ready to mature and move forward. In order for some beautiful transformation to take place, you have to take some action. The Knight of Wands reminds you that you can handle these changes, you’re ready, and even if you’re stuck at home you can tap into his adventurous spirit.

999F01E0-76EF-4EBC-A65E-BA08CC067754Pisces (Feb. 19-Mar. 20) & 9th House: This new moon in Scorpio falls in your 9th house of belief systems and higher learning, bringing transformation to your philosophy in life and how your spirit grows and expands. With the new moon in this house, the transformation is more internal, as Scorpio energy has you delving into where your beliefs need to change so that you can grow. The Death card (not surprisingly, the tarot card associated with Scorpio and transformation) suggests you might need to let an old way of thinking die, that a redirection in your philosophical outlook could help you grow in important ways. Where can you let go of old thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you? The Death card asks you to embrace the unknown as the new moon sparks change in this house.

467A1C7E-D730-4EBC-987C-B61FA066BB65Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) & 10th House: This Scorpio new moon lights up your 10th house of career, responsibility, and reputation. The new moon in this house could bring your attention to your career goals and social standing, bringing transformative energy to how you feel about these areas of life. This can be a difficult house for those of us dealing with chronic health issues. Many of us are unable to work, are finding our careers more difficult than they once were, are unable to socialize the way we used to, and find our social standing has changed. Perhaps this new moon will have us digging into how we can change how we’re feeling about all of those things, and even give us a boost to make some changes in those areas (can you look for inspiration in ways you can still work in your field, or work from home, or look at online courses that could move you towards work of some kind?). What responsibilities can we let go of, and what can we take on (as spoonies it’s important to balance not taking on too much, and not letting go of all responsibility)? The 7 of Pentacles is asking you not to give up on yourself, not to get complacent in this area of life, to keep working at it. If things don’t seem to be moving, step back and see where you can change things up—this moon is going to help you shake up your thinking in this house.

D239AA49-5E57-4DCA-BCFA-E3CAB9712BD0Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) & 11th House: This new moon in Scorpio hits your 11th house of aspirations, goals, and groups. This brings transformative energy to your friendships, your sense of inner purpose, how you feel in groups, and your hopes and wishes. When the new moon lights up this house, you might find yourself swimming in the Scorpio waters surrounding how connected you feel to others, how you interact within a group and in your circle of friends, and what you want for your future. The Magician card pops up to remind you that you have everything you need to create what you want in this area of life. Even with chronic illness there are ways to be part of groups, ways to accomplish some of your goals and wishes (yes, sometimes we have to recalibrate & transform what those goals and wishes are when we live the spoonie life), ways to connect with our friends. The Magician reminds you that you still have power, you can still create magic in your life.

F4D72950-E1AA-4CD1-9B9D-D63AE3A4C41DSagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) & 12th House: This Scorpio new moon falls in your 12th house of soul growth, privacy, and secrets. The 12th house is the house of karma, things hidden beneath the surface, “self-undoing,” and dreams. This could be a soul-searching sort of moon, one where you might want to take time to go inward and recalibrate. This is a good moon for letting go of things you feel you’ve lost to make room for some serious soul growth. It’s interesting that the Moon came up for you, as it’s associated with dreams, and things hidden from the surface. The Moon in tarot advises you to listen to your intuition, pay attention to your inner voice. If you’re having trouble letting go of some of your secrets and things hidden in your private shadows, the Moon suggests tapping into some creativity (write, draw, sculpt, listen to music) to help you move things along.

I know this new moon isn’t a cake walk, and that it’s been a tough few months cosmically, but I do think we’re heading into brighter and lighter spaces, and here’s hoping we all get some fresh starts!

Happy Diwali! Let LIGHT shine on all of the darkness!

Tune in next week for Mercury Retrograde musings and horoscopes!

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Spoonie Solidarity,

Leah Ruthe Chatterjee


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