Valentines, Venus, Vavavoooom

Valentine Astrology 2019

Phew, welcome back to my blog fellow spoonies! Those last full and new moons kicked my ass so hard, and I’ve just generally been going through a lot with my health. At the end of it all, I finally have a clear diagnosis, and a slightly clearer path forward with treatment. I dunnoooooo, I sank really low for about a month there, and that is just part of this autoimmune journey many of us are on. Sometimes we sink into the shadows, into a space where it is really hard to see any light, where silver linings elude us, and where it’s hard to feel that things will ever get better. Things, it seems, do always get better—nope, this autoimmune disease isn’t going anywhere, but yep, I do always have patches of good days. And I always come back to a place of hope for the future, because hope keeps me moving forward. What moves you forward, and lifts you out of the dark spirals of chronic pain or illness? Tell me in the comments, I really want to know!

In light of coming out of this recent depression and slump, I felt like doing something uplifting and fun, so I decided to pull cards for Valentine’s Day. Loooook, I know this holiday is kinda bullshit, and it’s actually a hard one for me (it’s my ex’s birthday, for one, 894F1E88-3118-4FA2-8CE1-32179509CEEEugh)…but I really like the color scheme of this holiday, and I like showering my friends with love notes and cheesy texts, so let’s embrace that side of things! I pulled the Knight of Cups for all of us this Valentine’s Day—our thoughts turn to romance and affection, our emotions swim in deep waters, and change and opportunity are on the horizon. For my fellow single spoonies out there, I know that romance can be a tricky side of life. It’s not easy to imagine romance exists for us when we are in pain much of the time, but this is a good time to let your imagination run wild, and open up to the possibilities—not just for romance, but for a more fulfilling social life, and for some fun excitement that we often feel is beyond our grasp.

Mars moves into Taurus on Valentine’s day, which I think is an interesting energy—Taurus likes to take things slow, and Mars likes to charge ahead. These can be conflicting energies, but can be channeled to be useful in confrontations and in defending yourself. I think this can be a good energy for us spoonies because Mars in Taurus can help us tap into our stubborn side—no, we are not giving up. No, we will not let doctors dismiss our symptoms or steamroll us into medical decisions. This energy can help us tap into our inner bull, charge forward with self-advocacy, and light a supportive fire under our determination to keep going through our health struggles.

February 10th our thinking and communications entered the waters of intuitive, dreamy, and wildly imaginative Pisces, and will stay there till April 17th. The one tricky part of this transit is that the line between truth and lies gets blurry with Mercury in Pisces, so be wary of that while everyone’s thoughts are so fluid and inventive. On March 5 Mercury stations retrograde, and Nadia Gilchrist of Ruby Slipper Astrology says, “Mercury Rx in Pisces can be very slippery – details will be lost and decisions will not be concrete. If you can, wait until Mercury stations direct before you agree or sign. Much of what you first learn may be false or misleading.”

Venus is in Capricorn until March 1st, and has us craving stability and security in our relationships. While certain people and opportunities might seem extra alluring for the comfort they offer, it’s important to dig deep and look at whether it’s the person/opportunity/situation you’re attracted to, or just the security they are offering you. There’s nothing wrong with choosing something that makes you feel safe, but sometimes we miss out on things that might be even more perfect for us because we are worried about feeling vulnerable.

A few days after Valentine’s day, February 16-17, we have a lovely sextile between Venus and Neptune. This adds a dreaminess to the air, and we could find ourselves attracted to the unusual, to people and things that spark our imaginations and fantasies. Soak up the romance and let your imagination fly, because soon after this dreamy sextile Venus conjunct Saturn on Feb. 17 & 18 brings us back down to Earth. Here we balance out our feelings for others, and perhaps go more inward—it could get a little harder to express our feelings in all of our relationships for a short time. Saturn often asks us to get our shit together so we can keep growing, so this could be a good time to let go of patterns in relationships that are unhealthy or aren’t serving you (it could also be a good time to let go of relationships that aren’t healthy, or at least reassess how you’re feeling about them).

This week the moon is waxing through Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer. From around 3pm (PST) Feb. 14 to 4:45am (PST) Feb. 15 there will be a nice little pocket of time while the moon is in Gemini where things can flow extra smoothly, and I think is a nice time to set some intentions or start something new.

Valentine Tarotscopes

Please be sure to read your Rising sign ‘scope as well as your sun sign. If you don’t know your rising sign, you can plug in your birth info on any free chart website to find out. I used the Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake, art by Elisabeth Alba for this reading.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18): E0E3983E-C0C2-4CF4-80D8-B7A4DC6F82D5Venus is currently transiting your 12th house of soul growth, privacy, and secrets. I pulled the Devil for you for the next few weeks. This might be a good time to take a hard look at your deepest wants and desires. Wherever shame or guilt comes up when we look at what our souls crave, it’s helpful to ask if this is something we are putting on ourselves because of society, or because we set restrictions on ourselves that aren’t serving us. The Devil asks us to think about our most basic instincts and desires, and where in our lives we are feeling trapped or held back in regard to those wants. Often this card tries to help us see that our prison is of our own making, and maybe we don’t need to be restricting ourselves in certain areas. With Venus transiting your 12th house, your soul is ready to grow in the area of relationships, and in the area of receiving and pleasure.

4594AD56-4EF7-4B9E-BC58-D991E443E02APisces/Pisces Rising (Feb. 19 – Mar. 20): Venus is transiting your 11th house of aspirations, personal goals, and groups. What are your goals for your relationships of all kinds? Are you happy with your group of friends, your work groups, your social groups? What changes would you like to see, what new relationships are you seeking, and what do you want and need out of your current relationships. Now is a good time to look at your goals in this area of your life. I pulled the moon for the next few weeks for Pisces—tap into your already strong intuition now. The moon often urges us to look within and listen to our inner voice. Sometimes this card can mean that there are things hidden beneath the surface or out of view, that things might be a little bit shrouded in mystery. My feeling is, with Venus being the focus of this reading, that this is the time to listen to yourself, to trust your intuition and vibes. You already know what you want, and what needs to change, you just need to take a listen to yourself.

C1367DFC-17EC-4F5C-8E14-7D37A13AC13AAries/Aries Rising (Mar. 21 – April 19): Venus is transiting your 10th house of Career, responsibility, and reputation. This transit could have you feeling attracted to stability, success, and even older people than usual. This transit could having you meeting interesting people through your work, and if you’re not working perhaps through your day-to-day responsibilities. I pulled the Page of Wands for this next few weeks for you. The Page of Wands often brings positive news, a change for the better, or a flash of inspiration and creativity. Relating that to Venus in your 10th house, perhaps you’ll be getting some pleasant action in this area of life. If things have been stagnant there for a while (as it often gets for spoonies), this could be a time where you get some opportunities, or get inspired to create your own opportunity.

35D4EC46-E077-46CD-9C42-BA1B1E503096Taurus/Taurus Rising (Apr. 20 – May 20): Venus is traveling through your 9th house of belief systems and higher learning. This shines a light on your philosophy regarding relationships, the way you receive from others in life, and what you find attractive and beautiful. I pulled the Page of Cups for you bulls over the next few weeks. Pages often bring news or messages, and funnily enough the Page of Cups is actually often about higher learning. It’s also a card signaling a good time to exercise your imagination and work in some quiet time with your thoughts and emotions. Venus in the 9th house can have you yearning for some adventure, and relationships that open up your mind and inspire you intellectually. If you’re stuck at home a lot, this is a great time to sign up for an online class, something that really interests you and will expand your mental and philosophical horizons.

49658FEB-6F80-4064-95FE-BE31F4852E88Gemini/Gemini Rising (May 21 – Jun. 21): Venus is transiting your 8th house of transformation and sexuality. Ruled by Scorpio, this is an intense house that tells us about how we face crises and change, sex and sexuality, death and rebirth, and personal transformation. This transit could have you wanting to dig deep into relationships, and finding intense and mysterious people more alluring. You won’t have time for surface nonsense or conversations that stay in the shallow end of the pool—you want to dive deep. And perhaps the relationships in your life are in need of some of that phoenix energy, so you might spend some time thinking about how you’d like to transform some of those. Chronic illness, pain, and depression can leave us isolated sometimes, so it could be time to bring some rebirth to this area of life—where can you breathe new life into existing relationships, and how can you form new fulfilling ones? I pulled the Knight of Swords for your next few weeks. This card is all about forward motion, taking decisive action, and sometimes having to make a choice without having time to look at all of the options. I see this as a boost to the stagnant areas of life, but also a word of caution to take a moment, breathe, and look at things from all angles.

E3B30746-9A5E-43AD-99A3-3E7216BE2435Cancer/Cancer Rising (Jun. 22 – Jul. 22): Venus will be transiting your 7th house of partnerships and marriage this Valentine’s Day. This house rules companionship, partnerships, one-on-one relationships, and romantic significant others. This transit could have you thinking about wanting a committed partnership or romance, or reevaluating existing relationships—is the level of commitment in your existing relationships balanced and where you want it to be? This is a beautiful time for working out compromises and meeting new partners. I pulled the Knight of Wands for us crabs—those of us who have been in a slump, if things have been feeling bland and gloomy this knight brings change, inspiration, the possibility for a new relationship, new friends, newness in general. Sometimes this card is even about travel, moving homes, and swift action. Changes are coming to your 7th house area of life, so now is the time to really get clear with yourself about what you want in your relationships and partners, what you want in a romantic partner, and how you want to feel with these people.

D70C4BA4-DCF6-43E8-BD35-645CC6ECA27DLeo/Leo Rising (Jul. 23 – Aug. 22): Venus is moving through your 6th house of work and health. Venus in the 6th house could have you seeking and enjoying more structure in your relationships and romantic partnerships. This can also lend some creative energy to how you are approaching different aspects of your health—it’s a good time to change things up, restructure, get all of your medical stuff in order, breathe some new life into any therapy you’re doing. I pulled the 9 of Cups for you lions—your happy place is in reach these next few weeks, and it’s a good time to think about what you want, what you deeply wish for, and take some bold and positive steps towards emotional stability. When it comes to your career, what would you do in your wildest dreams? Are there any aspects of those dreams that are attainable in the here and now? Are there real steps you could start taking towards making them a reality? Even when we struggle with chronic pain, illness, depression, we can still dream big, and we can still take little steps towards those dreams. The 9 of Cups is often referred to as the “Wish” card, so make some wishes this week, and think about how you might go about making some of that magic happen in your life.

F19D8255-57E1-4BFE-8D30-2EDAB6BF360FVirgo/Virgo Rising (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22): Venus is transiting your 5th house of self-expression, creativity, pleasure, and romance. The planet of receiving, beauty, romance, and relationships transiting your “house of love,” oh my! This is a playful and romantic energy that has you wanting some more action in your love life, and relationships in general. Your creativity and artistic inclinations are lit up during this transit—it’s a great time to dive into any creative outlets, and yes, it’s a great time to get out and meet people in creative environments that inspire you. I pulled the 10 of Cups for Virgos over the next few weeks. If you’ve been in a bit of a rut in the 5th house areas of life—romance, feeling good, creativity—this card is letting you know you’re nearing the end of this cycle, and entering a happier place with the people in your life, and perhaps new people coming into your orbit soon. This week set aside some time to do something that feels physically good (a salt bath, a massage, eat a delicious meal…), and while you’re doing it, think about all you’ve been through, and how you’re coming out of it having learned SO much. You are ready for and deserve some happiness, a solid community, and loving family (one that can always be of your own making).

070C3295-F6E1-47B1-AD94-0A1A83F24671Libra/Libra Rising (Sept. 23 – Oct. 23): Venus is traveling through your 4th house of family, home, and roots. Venus transiting this house can have you feeling extra sensitive and craving stability and security in your relationships. This is also a good few weeks for getting your house feeling the way you want it to—if you are limited physically or unable to fix things up the way you want, consider reaching out to a family member or close friend who would be willing to help you decorate and organize. It’s also a great time for connecting with family and spending relaxing, down time with your nearest and dearest. I pulled the Death card for Libras over the next few weeks. What are you transforming? What chapter is closing now? What is coming to an end and making room for something brand new? Perhaps you’re coming out of a relationship, and having done some healing are ready for something new, or perhaps you are ready to literally transform things in your home (or even change homes). Perhaps the transformation is within your family dynamics or a relationship with a particular family member. However it shows up, this is a time for change, for rebirth. The Death card is often misunderstood, but it’s really about change and growth. Some things have to give way to make room for beautiful new growth.

A2D2C1FC-CBE8-44C1-860E-2CBE0B8FC4F6Scorpio/Scorpio Rising (Oct. 24 – Nov. 21): Venus is moving through your 3rd house of communication and thinking. This transit has you attracted to people who can spark your mental curiosity and mind. It’s a great time for lively and interesting conversations, so even if you’re stuck in bed, call up your people and have them come over for some food and chatting. This is also a great time to write down your thoughts, work on your blog, and work out some of your feelings on paper. This transit also lends a helpful hand towards communicating with your loved ones and partners. I pulled the 8 of Coins for Scorpios over the next few weeks—this is a time where you’re learning new things, maybe even starting over in a sense (especially in the area of the 3rd house, so the way you communicate and your thought processes). This is a card of foundations—you are laying down some good structure right now that can lead to solid advancement and growth for you in the long run. Some of it might not feel like the most fun or stimulating, but it will likely be worth it looking into the future.

F964FAF8-AD4D-4BEA-80A4-3D6CAC7877C4Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21): Venus is moving through your 2nd house of self-worth and finances, which has you wanting security and stability in this area. The next few weeks could have you attracted to people and things that make you feel good about yourself, and leave you feeling more secure. This is a good time to think about how you feel about yourself, a time to find ways to strengthen how you value yourself, and to take a look at your personal finances. Are you spending money on things that actually serve a purpose, that contribute to your feelings of self-worth? Sometimes this kind of transit can have us spending money on things to make us feel better about ourselves, comfort purchases, and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re looking at the why and it doesn’t interfere with your financial well-being. I pulled the Magician for your next few weeks, which is a great card for this transit. The Magician reminds you that you already have all the tools you need to create what you want, so shake out everything in your toolbox and take a good look at what you’re working with. The Magician is full of determination, and knows they can create something out of almost nothing—their message is one of potential. It can be difficult sometimes to really see our potential clearly when we are battling health problems and balancing our spoons, so perhaps these next few weeks will help you see that it’s still there, that potential to create and those useful skills are still inside you.

8E58ACF6-7231-456A-9724-CB6F5592FD0BCapricorn/Capricorn Rising (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19): Venus is transiting your 1st house of self, first impressions, and the image we project to others. If your health struggles or depression have had you inside a lot, and perhaps in hermit mode a bit, this transit will have you wanting to get out more, wanting to meet and talk with people more. The next few weeks could have you enjoying the company of others, feeling more social, and even perhaps wanting to revamp your appearance, give yourself a little confidence boost with some fun changes. This is social butterfly energy you’re in, so if you can’t get out physically, invite people to come to you. It’s important to indulge in some social pleasure right now. I pulled the 6 of Swords for your next few weeks. This card often comes up when you are just moving away from a difficult (sometimes even dangerous) situation—perhaps you’ve recently gotten out of a toxic relationship, or maybe you’ve been in a really difficult mindset, and now you are coming into a more stable and solid situation. This is a card of things coming back into balance, of slow and steady progress. You’ve been through a lot, and had some setbacks, but you’re still progressing and moving forward through it all. I love this card because it often comes up when the worst is behind us, and are entering an easier patch.

Love you all, and be back soon for some moon talk and more tarotscopes!


Leah R. Chatterjee


Venus Transits by Nic Gaudette of The Dark Pixie Astrology

Astrological Transits by April Elliott Kent


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  1. Also, what moves me forward and lifts me out of the dark spirals are visits with my soultwin or talking on the phone, my pets, hot showers or epsom salt baths candles and choclate are a few that come to mind. 🧳🚙☎️🗣👥🐈🐕🚿🛀🕯🍫

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