Aftermoon Report: Full Super Moon in Libra

***Full Super Moon 0° Libra 6:42pm (PST)***Spring Equinox***Mercury Rx***

Hello fellow spoonie stargazers! I’m trying something new…an aftermoon report! I figure since the week leading up to the full moon I’m usually too flared up and out of spoons to get ‘scopes out in time, maybe I’d try writing after-moon horoscopes for you. This way we can review what we’ve been through, and look at the energies coming ahead.

This full super moon in Libra, also the “Worm Moon” (because in the northern hemisphere this is when the rains, flowers, and lil wormies come out to play), falls on Spring Equinox and the sun moving into Aries. The sun moving into Aries also signifies the start of a new astrological year, as the zodiac begins with Aries. So, we’ve got a lot going on astrologically, and I personally am feeling the power of this moon. As a Cancer sun and Libra moon, and with the moon being so close to Earth right now, I am reeeeeeallly feeling it. Usually I find that super moons trigger extra bloating and inflammation, but this moon I’m actually doing okay. My joints are pretty rough, but other than that I am feeling pretty unusually good this full moon.

6B0C183B-602D-4E5E-BA53-78546891885BI pulled the 4 of Cups for this moon. It’s time to take another look at the parts of our lives we are feeling dissatisfied or lackluster. Where have our relationships grown stagnant? This is a card about dissatisfaction and boredom—think sparks that settle into a routine, feelings that fade, indifference. It’s time to face these feelings and do something about them.


This Libra full moon asks us to see where the scales are unevenly tipped, and see if we can shift things back into balance. Sometimes the Libra moon can have us doing a lot to diffuse conflicts, and tapping into our diplomatic side. This full moon feels like a particularly powerful one for letting go—what are you still carrying that is keeping your scales wobbly? If it helps to visually let go, write down the things you’re ready to release, and set it on fire (obviously exercise fire safety while doing so).

The magic of the Libra moon is in the sparks of creativity, the inspiration, and the urge to bring beauty back into our lives. This can show up in many forms—maybe you’re feeling artistic, maybe you’re inspired to go to a play or concert, maybe you’re wanting to spruce up your home decor, give yourself a fresh look. As spoonies, sometimes we feel limited in what we can actually do with our inspirations—but this moon is expansive, and wants to show you creative new ways to bring that beauty in. This is also a great time to connect socially, which I know is also a challenge for us when we can’t get out and about as much as we’d like to. Again, there’s a creativity to this moon that I think can help inspire us to find new ways to connect, new ways to socialize, even new friends who have similar challenges.

The Spring Equinox adds an extra element of bringing things back into balance, as we feel the equal daylight and moonlight. This full moon is also a new beginning as we enter the new astrological year, and we should all be getting a bit of an energy boost. The days are getting longer (or shorter if you’re reading from the Southern Hemisphere, where you are still feeling the balance of equinox, just the opposite end), and things are beginning to blossom and wake up from a really rough winter. I feel more hopeful today than I have in a very long while, and I’m sure the arrival of Spring has a lot to do with that. Below are your spoonie tarotscopes—a card to guide us into this new chapter.

 Tarotscopes for the Astrological New Year

Deck used: The Crow Tarot by MJ Cullinane

4F00BDEF-AD32-4D57-A196-2381E4C28D8BAries & Aries Rising (Mar. 21 – Apr. 19): Happy birthday season, Aries! I pulled the Magician for you this full moon and new astrological year—you have all the tools you need to create what you want. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way, especially when we are struggling with our health and chronic pain. The Magician comes into our spreads to remind us of all of the potential we possess, so this is a good time to look around you and see what you really have to work with. Often we realize we actually have more resources  at our disposal than we thought, and sometimes it takes some creativity to see them. While you think about what you want to create in this new chapter, take some time to also think about what you need to let go of to make room for new growth. Where do the weeds need to be pulled? Clear out some emotional, mental, and physical space for all the newness to blossom.

47D4EB16-DF92-4AF5-AB2D-6652D5945908Taurus & Taurus Rising (Apr. 20 – May 20): This Libra full moon lit up your 6th house of work and health, and the card I pulled for your astrological new year is the High Priestess. The High Priestess asks us to take a deep listen to our intuition and inner wisdom. On some level there are some answers to your issues at work and with your health that reside within you—whether it’s something small like knowing that something is off in your body, even if your doctor isn’t seeing it. You might know deep down that it’s time for change in your work, or if you’ve been unable to work due to health stuff, perhaps now is the time to meditate on job possibilities (even work you can do from home). Sometimes as spoonies, the work we do in the world is not work that is conventionally recognized—we are always working on ourselves, working through pain, and working towards better health. So, don’t get caught up in the word “work,” because you do work! What do you need to release or let go of to move towards your work and health goals? This is a good time to think on it.

190A2276-A9BF-4BE7-B9D1-C094E4970EBFGemini & Gemini Rising (May 21 – Jun. 21): This full moon fell in your 5th house of self-expression, creativity, romance, and pleasure. Take a look at the 5th house area of your life, and notice where things might be out of balance. Are you getting enough creative outlet? Could you find ways to express yourself more openly, or in a more satisfying way? I pulled the 9 of Cups for you this astrological new year. The 9 of Cups is sometimes referred to as the “wish” card—the “seek and ye shall find” card. Whatever you go looking for, you’re likely to find it, so think about what you want to find, what you want to bring into your life. Make some wishes, and take some action to help them come along. What do you want this year to look like, if you could have it your way? This moon and equinox are here to let you know that what you want is possible.

491469B1-A292-43CF-BB49-B79BC7084CE8Cancer & Cancer Rising (Jun. 22 – Jul. 22): Your 4th house of family, home, roots, and sense of security is lit up with this full moon in Libra. It’s time to take a look at where you are feeling insecure—as crabs we crave security fiercely—and think about ways to bring your sense of safety and comfort into balance. Are the scales feeling tipped too far in one direction with family or in your home? How can you even them out more? I pulled the Ace of Pentacles for the cosmic crabs. Aces are all about new beginnings and action, which blends beautifully with this moon, the equinox, and this fresh new start we are getting as we enter Sun in Aries. If things haven’t been great financially, you’ll be able to change this for the better this season. If you’ve been stuck at home and unable to work, that could be changing too—perhaps you will find a way to work from home, or perhaps an opportunity will arise. Whatever the change is, the energy with you is that of action and a new project of some kind. After a difficult winter where many of us couldn’t get much going, it’s finally time to move.

FC90ADF6-867C-4076-B3B5-FA4A445CAEE7Leo & Leo Rising (Jul. 23 – Aug. 22): This full moon fell in your 3rd house of communication, and while we’re still in the throes of Mercury retrograde, that can be an intense house to have lit up. Do things feel balanced in your communication realm? Could you speak up more, listen more, engage more? Are you honoring your need for quiet time, and taking breaks from screens and constant communication? I pulled the 5 of Cups for you lions this cosmic new year. When the 5 of cups comes up, I always am drawn to the two cups that are still upright. While 3 of the cups have spilled over, and the crow seems to be lamenting the loss, just nearby are two full cups. Whatever losses you’ve had, you are not left with nothing. It might be time to reprioritize some things, reorganize, reassess. And while it’s important to honor and give space to your feelings of loss and grief, it’s also important to look at what you DO have.

14C29356-EA5C-4FDA-A46F-1DC4B2776219Virgo & Virgo Rising (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22): This super moon lit up your 2nd house of self-worth and money. With the Libra and equinox balancing energy, it’s time to get both your finances and your self esteem recalibrated. What needs to shift to bring these areas of life into a more solid stance? I pulled the 8 of Wands for you this astrological new year—a card of strength and personal power, hope, forward movement and action. If you’ve been struggling to find your motivation or the energy to get things moving, this moon lights a fire for you. Things have been pretty out of balance for you, both financially and with some of the emotional hits you’ve had to take lately. This cosmic new year is a fresh start for you, and while you may be closing up some endings and saying some goodbyes, you have so many good things ahead of you to look forward to. Finances will swing back around, and you’re going to start feeling better about yourself and your situation. It’s coming, Virgo, get ready!

D626E096-9C9D-4641-B422-298E70F3625DLibra & Libra Rising (Sept. 23 – Oct. 23): This moon fell in your first house of self-image, the way we present ourselves to others, how we begin things, and general outlook in life. This Libra moon asks us to bring things into balance, even things out—what could use some shifting when it comes to how you feel about yourself, and how your feel about the image you’re projecting? I pulled the 8 of Cups for Libras this cosmic new year—it’s time to let go of the past, and release old wounds and pain you’ve been holding onto. This is a turning point—relationships will either deepen and become richer, or the outdated ones will fade away. This is the change of perspective you’ve been needing. Let go of feelings of self-loathing and negative self-talk—you are amazing. Look at all you have been through, and go through, just to get through each day and be present in your life. Give yourself some credit, and get ready for a positive change.

1A6BD766-0E5F-4B64-BAA6-5DDFE5F8AB92Scorpio & Scorpio Rising (Oct. 24 – Nov. 21): This moon lit up your 12th house of soul growth, privacy and secrets, and self-undoing. This can be an intense house to delve into, as it is the house of all things hidden beneath the surface. Often when the full moon falls in this house you can find yourself diving even deeper than your Scorpio self already tends to go. I pulled the 10 of Wands for you this astrological new year—you are completing something, which can be more abstract like a coming to the end spiritual phase. Sometimes this card is calling attention to the fact that you are carrying too much, and you need to release some of your burdens. Are you holding in too many secrets, hiding too much of yourself, or carrying more emotional pain than you need to? Do some meditating and physical ritual if that helps, whatever will help you lighten your load. You’re about to start a new chapter, so make room for goodness.

C9F051B1-47DC-45F8-A6B0-BD6C0D4E7A4FSagittarius & Sagittarius Rising (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21): This moon fell in your 11th house of personal goals, aspirations, and groups. Where could things be more balanced so that you can move closer to your dreams and goals? I pulled the Ace of Wands for you this cosmic new year. Aces are always about new beginnings, and the ace of Wands is one of my favorites because it comes with a burst of that fire energy. Get ready to be inspired, for your creativity to blossom. Think about what you need to release and let go of so that you have room birth some of these new ideas. You might want to re-examine some of your previous goals and desires, see what you no longer want and let it go so you can bring in some newer dreams. The Ace of Wands often lets us know new projects or jobs are on the horizon, but it’s also often about a spiritual awakening. Enjoy this fresh energy, and after a long winter, let in the light.

B9D33757-B484-4DDA-A84F-10C33D8A7C51Capricorn & Capricorn Rising (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19): This full moon lit up your 10th house of career, responsibility, and public standing. What needs to shift in this area of life in order for you to feel more balanced and steady? I pulled the King of Pentacles for you, Capricorns—a great card for your sign. This card is all about carefully planning and taking action towards your goals, often career goals and projects. It’s also about stepping into a phase of life where you are getting your financial shit together, and are starting to establish yourself in your field. As spoonies, sometimes we feel we have fallen far behind in this way, but in some way you are advancing. Perhaps you are really getting a handle on your chronic illness, perhaps you have been thinking about a project or job that fits in with your health situation. Whatever it is, you are moving forward, and with some careful planning and deliberate efforts, you can get to where you want to be.

00F15554-ED1F-438F-ADA1-F9E84DFBD2FAAquarius & Aquarius Rising (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18): This full moon fell in your 9th house of higher learning and belief systems. The Libra moon asks us to look at what is out of balance, and redistribute until things are more evenly spread. Perhaps your personal philosophy is shifting now, or maybe you are ready to embark on a new course of study or educational pursuit. Interestingly, I pulled the Page of Pentacles for you this cosmic new year, and this page is all about learning, studying, and advancing both in work and knowledge. The Page of Pentacles encourages you to achieve through learning, and can also bring messages about finances and improvement in health and well-being. What do you need to release to make room for this new chapter, to make room for learning new things?

1E0FABC6-07C6-43CC-BC17-F430CAAAFF84Pisces & Pisces Rising (Feb. 19 – Mar. 20): This moon lit up your 8th house of transformation and sexuality. What are you ready to transform and change right now? What needs to give way for this change? I pulled the Page of Wands for you this astrological new year—inspiration, creativity, and perhaps a messenger with good news. I often see this card as the creative spark that can be the start of a big and joyful bonfire if you keep feeding it. The 8th house also deals with our sexuality, which is something that can get neglected or suppressed when you are dealing with chronic illness. Often our focus is on pain management, coping with symptoms, navigating the health system, and we forget that we are still sexual beings underneath it all. Do you need some balance in this area? Don’t neglect this side of yourself! Take some time this week to see where the sparks are crackling in your life, and stoke the ones that you want to see grow.

See you after the New Moon! Don’t forget how amazing you are, and how special it is that you are here, on this planet, against all odds in a universe full of cosmic chaos—YOU are here, alive, and even if things are hard you are DOING it.

Love you,
Leah R. Chatterjee

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