Twinning & Winning: New Moon in Gemini

Hello fellow stargazers! It’s been a minute, as I recently started a new job, and have been trying out YouTube a bit. This Gemini new moon coming on has me in a writing mood, so here we go! Gemini energy gives this new moon and new beginning a boost, as Gemini new moons usher in a new cycle and encourage us to set some goals. Gemini doesn’t do well with rigidity or concrete plans, so this is a great time to make expansive goals—things that leave space for you to change, and give your imagination some elbow room.

We also have a strong trine with Venus and Pluto, making this new moon a good opportunity to break through any walls and blockages in our relationships. This trine can help us transform things in our relationships and finances that need to grow or change. I think that this trine also offers us an opportunity to look at how we receive and allow ourselves to feel pleasure—do we need to harness that transformative Pluto energy to let ourselves open up to receive more? As spoonies, many of us experience a lot of chronic pain, so being able to experience pleasure is extremely important for our emotional and physical well-being. Spend some time this new moon thinking about what brings you pleasure, what makes you physically feel good. If you have trouble letting others do things for you or help you out, even have trouble receiving little gifts, this is a great and supportive moon to change how you feel about receiving.

33DE6948-C5D0-4CF3-935F-12D6C0A8AEEBThe cards that fell out for this new moon are the Knight of Cups and Strength. The Knight of Cups is all about new opportunities, new romance, enticing invitations, a new and optimistic outlook. Many of us are coming out of a truly challenging period, and the Strength card shows up to remind us that we are strong enough to do this, we have the energy and resolve to get through. The Knight of Cups comes in to show us that there is pleasure and exciting new things for us to experience just around the corner. Make sure to leave room for fun and things that bring you joy as this month begins. While it’s true that with chronic illness comes a lot of bullshit, we can still experience pleasure and feel good from time to time, and it’s important to take the time to make that happen for ourselves.



Deck used: Everyday Witch Tarot

Please be sure to read your Rising sign as well as your Sun sign. This will give you a bigger picture, and tell you what house is activated.

E9A23A5C-C236-4F05-9D8A-ED80F07B754CGemini & Gemini Rising (May 21 – Jun 21): This New Moon falls in your first house, the house of the acting self, your personality as you express yourself to others and the outside world, even your physical appearance. I pulled the Magician for you—this is a magical energy for transforming yourself in any way you want to. If you’re unhappy with any part of the way you’re interacting with and are perceived by the outside world, this card is letting you know you have all the tools you need to make whatever changes you want. New moons in the first house are also a great time to give yourself a makeover, and if that sounds trivial to you, consider how uplifting a new haircut or outfit can be. Especially for my spoonie stargazers, when we spend so much time managing symptoms and trying to maintain our health, we often neglect to treat ourselves to things that make us feel good. However you want to transform or tweak things this new moon, you’ve got the cosmic support to create some powerful personal transformation.

7B50FB6B-5405-4D35-956A-290B818E1DEACancer & Cancer Rising (Jun 22 – Jul 22): This new moon falls in your 12th house of karma, things beyond the physical realm, and self-undoing. This moon has a kind of backstage energy to it, and it might feel good to just step back a bit and have some time to look within. With the sun and moon in Gemini, there can be a lot of exciting energy swirling around, but this moon for us feels like a good time to get clear on what’s going on under the surface for us. Taking some time to gain some clarity and perspective feels particularly important in light of the cards I pulled for you—the 2 of Cups and the Fool. The 2 of Cups is often the energy of a new romantic relationship, even soulmate energy, and can also be about decisions (especially concerning matters of the heart). With the Fool card paired with it, I definitely feel like opportunity for new friendship or romance is on the horizon. To make room for this, it’s important we take time to get clear on what we want, and to clear out anything that might be holding us back that might keep us from being open to this new opportunity. The Fool card is a leap of faith. Get ready to jump!

FBDDE92C-5D70-466D-B59F-030C5C98C58DLeo & Leo Rising (Jul 23 – Aug 22): This new moon falls in your 11th house of goals, friendships, and groups. This is a great moon for really diving into your dreams and aspirations—Gemini gives us that extra new beginning energy, and with this Venus and Pluto trine there is extra transformative energy towards our friendships and relationships. This is a great moon for being open with your friends, even having some lovely heart-to-heart conversations where you let out some feelings in a way that deepens relationships. Perhaps it’s also a good time to look at what your goals are, and see if they are still in alignment with who and where you are now. I pulled the 2 of Swords and the 10 of Wands for you—so there is a decision that needs to be made here about what needs to be dropped from your load. If you’re carrying too much, or involved in too many projects and groups, you might overwhelm yourself and jeopardize some of the goals that you really hold dear. So what needs to be let go of so that you can enter this new cycle with a clear and refreshed sense of what you want to accomplish, and how you want to feel in your friendships and groups. You got this, beautiful lions!

C864541A-3BA2-41F2-9601-FEAC6B5319F7Virgo & Virgo Rising (Aug 23 – Sept 22): This new moon falls in your 10th house of public life, career issues, and how your personality shows up in the world. New moons in the 10th house bring with them an intensity in the area of work and your dealings with the public. This is a really good time to set professional goals, and this moon has the Gemini energy of a new cycle when it comes to your career and your outside interactions. If things have been difficult or stagnant, this is a really nice boosting energy.  My message here for you is not to get overwhelmed by all that has to be done, all the work that is suddenly bustling—take the time for self-care. Delegate when and where you can, and don’t get distracted by gossip or trivial drama. The cards I pulled for you are the King of Pentacles and the Queen of Wands. You are leveling up in this cycle, becoming a master of your craft or advancing in some way. The King of Pentacles has mastered his career, has reached a level of financial stability that allows him to take care of himself, his family, and even help others. The Queen of Wands brings that creative fire to you—you can create whatever your spirit imagines, you’re inspired, and you can succeed in your projects! Just please remember to take care of yourself and your health while all of this unfolds. You got this, Virgo!

BD5FCD88-6EF4-426D-B3F9-3106F0261C66Libra & Libra Rising (Sept 23 – Oct 23): This new moon falls in your 9th house of philosophy, spirituality, intuition, and higher learning. This is a great moon for shifting your perspective, expanding your ideas, and exploring new perspectives. It’s a particularly good moon for writing down your ideas, and gaining a broader understanding of your personal beliefs. If you’ve been thinking about learning something new, this is the moon for it—even if it’s as simple as watching DIY videos, listening to educational podcasts, and reading books from the library. The card I pulled for you is the Sun—what a joyful energy to this new moon for you Libras! The Sun is all about finding joy in the simple things, about coming into a time of happiness and emotional fulfillment. This should be a nice cycle for you where you can tap into some inner happiness and explore your dreamy, intuitive side.

4FF6F58F-0120-4177-BDD9-9313845D6C28Scorpio & Scorpio Rising (Oct 24 – Nov 21): This new moon falls in your 8th house of transformation, death and rebirth, and sexuality. This is the house ruled by your sign, Scorpio, so in many ways this new moon should feel right at home for you phoenixes! With the new moon in the 8th house, it’s not necessarily about a huge transformation, so much as it is about taking a look at what needs adjusting. This is a good time to bring things back into balance as we enter this new moon cycle, so check in and see where things are lopsided. This house activated can have us delving into the shadows a bit more, but with the Gemini energy I feel it’s a bit lighter than usual. If you feel yourself starting to get a bit too dark, reach out and socialize with close friends to keep from getting too low. This is a good opportunity to get some clarity, as I pulled the Page of Swords for you. Pages often bring messages and information, so this new moon could shed some light on things that have been in the shadows. Subtlety in your actions concerning others is important with this Page, and practical efforts go far now. Overall this moon seems like a good opportunity for some changes you’ve been wanting or knowing you need for some time.

48C24CD1-02DD-4684-9F54-6A449EE83C4CSagittarius & Sagittarius Rising (Nov 22 – Dec 21): This new moon falls in your 7th house of partnerships and marriage. With the new moon in this house, it’s a great time to breathe fresh life into all of your relationships—friendships, romantic partners, even people you find difficult, but are part of your life. This is a good time to get clarity on how you feel about intimacy, and to take a look at the balance in your relationships—is there too much codependency, or could you reach out more? This is a great opportunity to get clear on how you want to feel in your relationships, and transform them in positive ways this moon cycle. I pulled the Chariot for you, so you are moving onwards and upwards with this new moon. You’ve overcome some hurdles, and some of your struggles are coming to an end. The Chariot is about moving forward in a better direction, and knowing you have what you need to progress and succeed. If things have been feeling a little slow, or like you’re moving through quicksand, the Chariot speeds things up and gives you a burst of energy to get things going again.

216B121B-40EA-49D6-84E7-B8C65967B777Capricorn & Capricorn Rising (Dec 22 – Jan 19): This new moon falls in your 6th house of sickness and health, service to others, daily life, and work. With the new moon in this house, it’s a good time to focus on your health—any changes you want to make are supported with this new moon in Gemini. Especially for spoonie stargazers, be careful not to get obsessive about health stuff during a moon like this, just see where you might want to change things up in this new cycle, but remember to have some fun with this Gemini energy. I pulled the 3 of Wands for you—this is all about sound decisions that pay off, and dreams becoming reality. When the 3 of Wands comes up, you’ve already put in so much good work into something (perhaps with your health, your daily routines, or at work, with this new moon in the 6th house), and now you’re about to start seeing some of that pay off in a lovely way.

2DD9E3E1-FB7A-4129-ADF9-216AC2E5646CAquarius & Aquarius Rising (Jan 20 – Feb 18): This Gemini new moon falls in your 5th house of creativity, self-expression, and romance/affection. This is a fun transit, as the new moon traveling through your 5th house breathes new life to your creative fire, and provides great energy for flirtation and fun socializing. You can tap into your inner child with this new moon, so try to get out and play if you can. If you’re a fellow spoonie, get creative with ways you can get out and have fun without draining all of your spoons (maybe a cozy restaurant, or any fun dive that you know has comfortable seating and food you’re not allergic to), or bring the party to you and invite some people over. The King of Cups and Knight of Wands flew out of the deck for you. The King of Cups is kind, successful in his business, responsible, and emotionally has his shit together. This is also an artistic card, and combined with the Knight of Wands seems to be ushering in a nice creative cycle. The Knight of Wands brings the energy of travel, swift action, unpredictability, and the creative fire of the wands. This seems like the perfect combo of energy for a Gemini new moon—a new beginning that opens with emotional clarity and creativity, and a drive to move forward and embrace change.

702002A9-E5EB-4663-B268-AECE639D6650Pisces & Pisces Rising (Feb 18 – Mar 20): This new moon travels through your 4th house of home environment and family life. The new moon in the 4th house gives you a boost to improve things around your home, and is a great time to declutter and clean your space. It’s also a great time to connect with your family (this includes your soul family, and people who feel like family), deepening bonds and just sharing time with each other. This is a supportive energy for resolving any conflicts with family, and getting a fresh start, too. I pulled the 6 of Cups for you—this card is about harmony, bringing emotions and relationships into balance, and can have a nice nostalgic energy to it. Sometimes this card indicates that something from the past could come up, perhaps to show you a solution that could work in the present, perhaps something new coming in that is linked to the past. If things have been out of balance, especially emotionally and concerning family, this new moon could help bring things back into balance.

C84B4702-8BD3-41BC-AD82-21EF2D12324BAries & Aries Rising (Mar 20 – Apr 19): This new moon falls in your 3rd house of communication, thinking, siblings, and short trips. With the new moon traveling through your 3rd house, you might see an upswing in communications, so this cycle could start out in a flurry of chatter and messages. Make sure to take some time with this moon to just sit with yourself quietly, and get clear on any changes you want to make in how you communicate with others and interact with your community. This is a great moon to do some writing, and catch up on correspondences. The 5 of Swords and 7 of Wands fell out for you, so there’s a word of caution here to not get caught up in drama, gossip, or conflict. The 5 of swords carries the energy of arguments, frustration and tension, and with your 3rd house lit up with this moon, there could be some challenging communications. The 7 of Wands is often about the need to take control of a situation, and move yourself into a position where you are not on the defensive and can take charge. If anyone knows how to take back control, it’s you, you’ve got this rams!

8EC21264-6C94-4792-8BAF-B74B4F4440A0Taurus & Taurus Rising (Apr 20 – May 20): This new moon falls in your 2nd house of possessions, money, and physical resources. With the new moon in this house, it’s a great time to change things up with how you’re spending money, organize finances for the new cycle we’re entering, and even bring in new opportunities to increase your income or resources in some way. The Moon and the 6 of Wands fell out for you bulls, so there is an energy of facing things within yourself to this moon. The Moon card is also all about sinking into your intuition, and finding answers by listening to your inner voice. The 6 of Wands is such a nice card to have with the new moon in this house—it’s a card of hopefulness, success, getting recognized for your hard work and accomplishments, coming into an energy of stablility. If you’ve been stressed about money or resources, this is a great card—things are balancing out, and with that Moon card, you can figure all of these things out by taking time to look within and listen to your gut.

See you soon, and in between blog posts be sure to see what I’m up to on Instagram and YouTube! In great spoonie news, I have my first out-of-the-house job in 10 years (since my health struggles began)! This is very exciting, but also means I have slightly less time to write and put out tarot and astrology content. I am working on putting together a Patreon account, where I will offer personal readings, art, and other incentives, and perhaps that will help me keep these projects going strong. My goal is to post at least one set of horoscopes here, and one on YouTube every month, regardless of how busy things get. I hope you stick with me—exciting things are coming!

Love and Solidarity,

Leah Ruthe Chatterjee

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