New Moon in Virgo: Getting Grounded & Moving Forward

***New Moon in Virgo***August 30, 2019 6°46’ ♍️3:37am***

As we leave the fiery energy of Leo, and settle into earthy Virgo season, we turn our focus inward. The new moon in Virgo urges us to get organized, and fuels our desire to live up to our full potential.

Often when we shift into Virgo energy, and our lens is suddenly turned inward on zoom, we can feel anxiety and worry about all of the ways in which we feel we are not good enough. It can be like handing our inner critic a megaphone. The trick to navigating this sometimes slippery soil, and avoid taking a hit to our self esteem, is to acknowledge that there are parts of ourselves that we would like to improve. Once we’ve identified things about our lives and ourselves that we don’t particularly like, we can take action towards changing those things.

I think a new moon in Virgo is a powerful opportunity to turn our inner critic into a compassionate agent for change. If we can overcome the shame spiral to see the practical magic that is Virgo, we can turn our insecurities into opportunity to step further into our full potential.

As we move through Virgo season, see if you can counter negative self-talk and self-criticism with realism—no, we are not perfect. Nor were we ever meant to be. But we can keep striving to do better, without beating ourselves up.


Perhaps your anxious thought is something like, “I will never get my life on track. I’m so disorganized, and have made so many bad decisions.” Try countering that with something real, like “I’m not where I want to be in life right now. There are ways in which I could take charge more and get more organized. I will look at what actions I can take to move in a direction I prefer. Perhaps I did not make the wisest choices, but I acknowledge that I did the best I could in those moments, and I will look around to see what can be learned from where I am now.”


When we flip the script and speak to ourselves with compassion, we can acknowledge our flaws without drowning in them. That is the evolved energy of Virgo—not criticism, but reflection on how we can improve and step more fully onto our true paths.

As we enter this new cycle, ask yourself what you want to build in the coming months. Virgo energy loves productivity, so this can be a great time to get projects moving, or begin to learn a new skill that will be useful in future endeavors.

While we mostly look to full moons for release, this new moon is actually a great one for some Fall cleaning. Letting go of things that are just clutter, and really giving your living and work spaces a good scrub will help make clear some of the anxiety and worry energy. If you live with chronic pain, ask for help with cleaning! Do small sections at a time. Many of us will just have the urge to clean house—and not necessarily just our physical houses, but perhaps different aspects of our lives. Check to see where you have 6° Virgo to see what area of life this new moon is lighting up the most for you.

Be sure to be gentle with yourself and others this Virgo season, amp up the self-care, tone down the inner critic, and talk to yourself the way you would talk to a beloved friend. 💕


Deck used: Crow Tarot

Please be sure to read your rising sign as well as your sun sign!

B7AD95F6-1E15-457F-881D-8ABC3044272BVirgo & Virgo Rising (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22):  Happy birthday, Virgo! This new moon lighting up your first house of self and how you interact with others provides the opportunity for a powerful new beginning. I pulled the Judgment card for you—this can be a time where you have an awakening, or some big realizations. If you’ve been having a particularly rough time, this signifies a recovery period. Things are improving. Sometimes with the Judgment card things that have been buried come up for air, so be prepared to face some truths as you move through this breakthrough. Don’t get too caught up in being overly critical of yourself, and remember that in a chaotic universe, nothing is perfect. Tap into your own Virgo magic, who sees what others overlook, who finds unexpected treasures in the details, and who is always finding new ways to improve both yourself and your surroundings!


D5BB40EA-D0C1-4BE3-87E2-E175397F4C90Libra & Libra Rising (Sept. 23 – Oct. 23): This new moon lights up your 12th house of karma, self-undoing, the subconscious. This new moon brings things that have been swimming in your deep end to the surface, as the Virgo energy asks you to shift your focus inward. I pulled the Ace of Wands for you, so this is a powerful, creative, and fiery new beginning for you. What do you want to create this month? What projects have been simmering in the background? Something new is bubbling up to the surface. Sometimes this can be an intense energy, diving into the 12th house waters, so take time to come up for air and lighten things up here and there. That Ace of Wands brings opportunity for something exciting and new.


7C29CF7B-2201-40E7-8B6C-8747079B33CEScorpio & Scorpio Rising (Oct. 24 – Nov. 21): This new moon in Virgo lights up your 11th house of goals, groups, and friendships. This is a great new cycle for joining a new group (especially if it speaks to your humanitarian side), pouring some energy into your friendships, and expanding your social circle. I pulled the 4 of Swords for you, so with all this social buzz around you, make sure you’re taking time for rest and recuperation. If you don’t work in self-care, your body could force you to rest in a less pleasant way. Take time for yourself as you start this new cycle inspired to breathe new life into your dreams and your village.

7371B179-14D9-4EB3-9A9E-C78D4B3D5EB3Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21): This new moon lights up your 10th house of career, public life, and authority figures. What changes do you want to make in your life path and career? Virgo shines a light on the details, and yes, the imperfections. This is a great time for advancing in your profession (even if that profession right now is managing chronic illness, we can advance in how we cope and reorganize our approach to self-care, communication with our medical team, etc), even starting a new path or project at work. I pulled the King of Cups for you, and the vibe I’m getting is taking a creative project or idea to the next level. If you’ve felt the urge to do something creative (painting, culinary arts, writing, theater, anything creative), this is a really good time to follow that instinct. The King of Cups has his emotions in check, is disciplined, but compassionate and creative. This is a great energy to step into in the midst of Virgo season!

2FE022C9-DA3B-4313-B9A9-D83C73E40474Capricorn & Capricorn Rising (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19): This new moon lands in your 9th house of intuition, philosophy, higher learning, and spirituality. This new moon sparks an adventure of the mind for you, and is a good time to learn about new cultures, philosophies, and places. I pulled the Empress for you—what do you want to nurture and grow this month? The Empress can breathe life into things presumed dead, and has a passion and thirst for life. Let this new moon spark inspiration in you, a new lust for life, as you feed your inner philosopher who is hungry to learn.

85B39BA7-D159-4512-B583-612EF30C7216Aquarius & Aquarius Rising (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18): This moon hits your 8th house of death, rebirth, transformation, and other people’s money. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re rising from the ashes into something entirely new, but this is a good energy for change. With all of this Virgo energy, it’s also a good time to clear up any debts you have, and collect on any money owed to you—get your finances in order, especially where it involves other people. Two cards fell out for you: the Devil reversed and the Ace of Swords. If there are ways in which you’ve been restricting yourself, or suppressing some part of yourself out of shame, this new moon brings clarity and a fresh perspective. Free yourself from any self-imposed chains, as your mind opens up to new ideas, new inspiration, and ultimately a new beginning.

10BBC1A6-47DD-4536-AB89-B155681CF7D8Pisces & Pisces Rising (Feb. 19 – Mar. 20): This new moon lights up your 7th house of partnerships, marriage, and how you relate to others. Virgo’s zoom lens on the details could have you thinking about what could be improved in your relationships of all kinds, but be careful not to fall into overly critical mode with yourself or your loved ones. I pulled the 6 of Cups for you, so this new moon is a great opportunity to bring more balance and harmony to your relationships. There is an air of warm nostalgia to this card, and sometimes it indicates that we can look to solutions from the past to help us in the present.

5B74336A-24B1-4B30-A666-F2AB1107D56BAries & Aries Rising (Mar. 21 – Apr. 19): This moon lights up your 6th house of health, service, daily life and routine, and work. You might be inspired to change up your daily habits, or even revamp your self-care and health routine. With so much Virgo energy swirling around, take care not to hyper-focus on health issues; instead utilize the Virgo magic to set realistic and practical goals. This moon could also have you wanting to master a skill you’ve been working at, and thinking about how you are of service to others. I pulled the 6 of swords for you, so this new cycle brings you out of a challenging time, into a safer space. The storm has passed, and you have come out the other side.

6CD89CBC-0047-40CA-8491-0A20BA618679Taurus & Taurus Rising (Apr. 20 – May 20): This new moon falls in your 5th house of creativity, self-expression, and romance. Time to get out of your blanket fort and have some fun, especially if you’ve been stressed out a lot lately. This wasn’t the easiest summer, but you made it through to Virgo season, and you can sink your feet into this nice earthy vibe. As important as working hard is, it’s equally important to balance that with fun, romance, and letting out your creative side. Two cards fell out for you: 10 of Pentacles and Ace of Pentacles. It feels like you are completing a chapter either in your work, with a health issue, or something with your home. This new moon brings in the Ace of Pentacles. With the 10 of Pentacles we have worked hard and accomplished what we set out to do. A chapter is closing now, and the Ace of Pentacles offers new opportunity and a fresh start.

64EEF442-87B7-42DD-901D-2EC3E70D89CFGemini & Gemini Rising (May 21 – Jun. 21): This new moon lights up your 4th house of home environment and family life. With Virgo season upon us, it’s a very good time to literally clean house, get your home in order and feeling good. If you’re dealing with mobility issues or chronic illness, think about who you can ask to help you get things decluttered and cozy. It’s also a good time to connect with family, and put energy into those relationships. You could find yourself wanting to stay busy, so it’s a good time to focus that energy on something lasting—what are your goals for your living situation? I pulled the Magician card for you. You have everything you need to create what you want. The Magician has each of the four elements at their disposal, and has the imagination and cleverness to use them to make their visions a reality. What do you want to create?

1F4074AC-4847-43CC-8842-49DE07309207Cancer & Cancer Rising (Jun. 22 – Jul. 22): This new moon falls in your 3rd house of communication, writing, thought processes, siblings, and short trips. This is a great time to venture out of our shells and interact with people, and to do all the tasks you normally find boring. With the Virgo energy so strong right now, careful not to dwell too much on any particular issues or decisions—don’t overthink things or get stuck on minute details. It’s a really good time for letting things go, especially in arguments and disagreements. I pulled the Queen of Cups for us crabs, basically THE evolved Cancer queen. The energy of the Queen of Cups is harmonious, creative, compassionate, and wickedly intuitive. She is dreamy, and perhaps not the most grounded in common sense. Utilize both your watery creativity and sensitivity and this earthy, more practical Virgo energy in your interactions this cycle.

946DCCEB-483A-4629-ADFA-7D637DE9A80ELeo & Leo Rising (Jul. 23 – Aug. 22): This new moon lights up your 2nd house of physical resources, possessions, money, and what you value and desire. It’s a good time to use this Virgo energy to rethink and organize how you’re spending money (especially your disposable income), and come up with a practical budget. This is also a great opportunity to shift your self-esteem and how you feel about yourself, and think about ways in which you’d like to grow personally in the coming months. Two cards fell out for you: the 9 of Swords and Strength. If you’ve been in a period of contemplation and reassessment, and perhaps spending too much time in your head looking for solutions, this new moon comes along to remind you of the fierce lion that you are. Fight the urge to overthink things, and remember that you are definitely strong and smart enough to figure things out. I often see the Strength card as a turning of the tides, so if you haven’t been sleeping well, are feeling tired, the new moon brings new energy and vitality.

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Sparkles and Solidarity,

Leah Ruthe Chatterjee

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