First Quarter Moon Check-in!

Hi fellow spoonies and stargazers,

Been struggly this week, so thought I’d do a lil first quarter moon astrology check-in! Though the moon is currently in expansive Sagittarius, we’ve still got Mercury, Venus, Mars, Sun, and Juno in Virgo:

💫Mercury in Virgo ’til September 14— we can really hone in on the details, andF32ABEA1-FE80-49EA-913E-EA07726F4A44 it’s a great time to edit and revise things. We thrive when we work and get organized with Mercury in Virgo, and can sink into anxiety when that detail and laser focus gets turned inward. I’ve been finding comfort in cleaning lol. With Mercury in Virgo, let’s also work on releasing expectations for others in our communication—nobody is perfect, and it’s a good time to let things go, don’t take the bait, don’t engage in argumentative crap. The beauty of Mercury exalted in Virgo is that we can find pleasure in tasks we often find mundane, and can be motivated to get ourselves organized for the new season.

💫Venus in Virgo ’til September 14—time to get grounded in our relationships. Fiery passion is great, but it burns out—this is a good time to tend to what holds our relationships together, the little things, the earthy things. Again, careful not 1EA7FD7C-0B63-4CE2-874B-412740EB0982to slip into the shadowy side of things—careful not to expect our partners and loved ones to be perfect, or project our issues with perfectionism onto others. The Virgo magic here is that we can turn our attention to the details of our relationships, and tend to them. Venus in Virgo lights up for us what is missing, what we really want, and how we can make things better. Just be careful not to let this turn into a spiral of chipping away at your self worth—keep your focus on things you can do to improve or fill in what’s missing, and counter any negative self-talk with reality (hello? You’re a badass).

💫Mars in Virgo ’til October 3—Virgo likes to get shit done, so Mars does well in Virgo. We must remember to have fun and not neglect aspects of life outside of 5BA04EF4-8C2F-406E-BB98-148C884AFC7Cwork (like self-care, fun with friends, romance) during this transit, but it can be a great time for getting forward momentum on projects, finishing things, and taking care of things that require attention to detail. It’s a great energy for making improvements, especially in the earthy realm of life. The shadowy side to this is that we can all tap into our inner critic, so if we catch ourselves being overly critical of others and ourselves, time to shrink our egos and keep that critic in check. If there’s something you’ve been needing to take action on, though, Mars in Virgo is the perfect propellant! It’s also a great energy for improving our daily routines, health habits, and home life, so take advantage of this aspect of the energy.

2A74A818-88D3-4E13-9340-A095B91AF651💫Juno in Virgo ’til November 4—Juno is often about how we respond to the shift in power when we commit to someone. I’m still learning about Juno, but thought this was an interesting article about its transit through Virgo in 2015: Ruby Slipper Astrology—Juno in Virgo. Juno is about partnership agreements (sometimes called the ‘soulmate asteroid’), so when in Virgo we want to solidify commitments, and won’t want to put up with mediocre, wishy-washiness. This can also bring up resentment or rough feelings if you feel others are not doing their fair share in the relationship. It’s a good opportunity to examine how we are feeling about the power dynamics of our relationships.

Today’s Aspect challenges:

💥Sun square Jupiter- careful not to have unrealistic expectations, and keep our egos in check. This can be a time of optimism and enthusiasm as we see ways in which we can expand, but the square does give us the potential to get a little extra.


💥Mercury square Jupiter- this can be a really inspirational energy, though again there is the warning against overconfidence. Great time to write down your inspiration, and think of ways to take tangible action on your ideas.

💥Venus opposition Neptune—there is optimism towards possibilities for romance. The challenge here is not to form an idealistic version of someone or your relationship, as Neptune can have us fantasizing and dreamy, and we can sometimes project those fantasies or ideals into our relationships.

A99F3FA9-4FA2-4C1C-9B0D-B356889489CB💥Jupiter square Neptune—this feels like a big one to me. We are getting a reality check on our dreams. The challenge is to continue to harness the creative sparks and inspiration, while also being realistic. With this transit we are finding balance between remaining open and honest, and not being too much of an open diary. Indulgence and addiction. Boundaries and blockades. We’ll be feeling this one until October, so reflect on your dreams. How can we tweak them to be more realistic, so that we can actually bring them into the world? Reflect on how you want to expand, which dreams nurture those desires for expansion, and how can we balance things so that we can make that magic happen?

There’s your overview from my perspective. Will do a full moon reading next week, and probably live video-scopes on Instagram @starsnspoons. Be sure to follow me there for live tarotscopes.

Hugs, be gentle with yourself and others!

Leah R. Chatterjee

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