Aftermoon Check-in: Messages for Clarity

Card for the Collective: the Magician (Modern Witch Tarot Deck)

Hello fellow stargazers, long time no type to you! It’s been a bit of a hellish whirlwind for us all, and then recently a kind of pleasant whirlwind of learning a new job. I’m going to try to do more of these mini readings, though!
The Magician has been coming up in a lot of my readings lately. Those of us who can are staying inside a lot, physically distancing ourselves, and have been for quite some time now. It’s easy to start feeling restless and restricted, like there’s nowhere for our energy to move or expand to. The Magician comes around to remind us that we ARE magic. We don’t need anything more special than what we’ve already got, and we don’t need to go anywhere special to create. Magic is everywhere, and our ability to create fire and change is always with us. 

Please take what resonates for you, and forget the rest! Make sure to read your rising and moon signs for extra perspective! Deck used: Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle

65CFE3F2-3221-4462-ACE0-E17071C50181Taurus & Taurus Rising (Apr 20 – May 20): You’re recently coming out of a period where you had to overcome a lot of challenges, perhaps even hardship of some kind. But you overcame, and now you’re moving steadfastly forward. Now you find yourself at the beginning of a new journey, where you are seeing things through fresh eyes, and perhaps even starting something completely new that you don’t know much about. Change is in the air, and you are leaving behind difficulties of the past for a path that leaves you feeling free and open to possibilities.

B676A3E4-8014-42F4-B6EE-244CCF5C46D0Gemini & Gemini Rising (May 21 – Jun 20): You’re coming out of either a decision you had to make (probably having to rely heavily on your gut/intuition), or an opportunity where you had to weigh out options and alternatives. Moderation is the key right now, and you may find yourself having to be patient and approach things from a balanced place. Soon you will find your imagination firing up, and you’ll be able to see all sorts of options and possibilities.

424A5956-32A9-44EF-B6AD-8750E90FDD57Cancer & Cancer Rising (Jun 21 – Jul 22): You’ve been in a bit of a suspended state for a while, but you’re coming out of it with a whole new perspective. Sometimes when we’re forced to hang upside down, we see things in ways we wouldn’t normally. It’s very possible that new love is coming in soon, or a deepening of an existing relationship. It is also possible that something that has been off or wrong gets righted. Ultimately you’re heading towards a better place, leveling up in the pentacles realm you are approaching deep satisfaction with work, money, your home, or health.

05008102-369C-49E9-AEBD-4AFE1628CB60Leo & Leo Rising (Jul 23 – Aug 22): You’re coming out of a time where you were carrying too much—whether that was workload or emotional and spiritual burdens. Now the fog is clearing, and you’re gaining clarity and a new perspective. A new beginning is here! I pulled two aces for you, so this is a really big new beginning. There’s an emotional new beginning, and the possibility for a new relationship or friendship, or something you really love. You are moving forward with a new outlook, new information, and open to new emotional connections.

FFC8FFC4-6F99-47F3-A834-2B38FEBBAAB9Virgo & Virgo Rising (Aug 23 – Sept 22): You’ve been feeling stuck, trapped even, especially in your own head. The 8 of swords can have you feeling surrounded and unable to move, but in reality you can get up and walk right through the gaps in the swords. You’re still dealing with hurt, grief, and perhaps the aftermath of feeling stabbed in the back or wronged somehow. It’s okay to sit with those emotions, but you can’t stay sprawled out on the ground forever. The knight of Wands sweeps in to bring change, and breathe some hope and life back into you. A new beginning is coming, and an opportunity for work, or improvements in your health or home is highly possible.

42382524-31C5-400B-8075-4F84EDF1EB26Libra & Libra Rising (Sept 23 – Oct 22): You recently have had to walk away from a situation or person that wasn’t good for you emotionally, and while this was sad, it had to happen. Ultimately it was for the best. Now you are building solid foundations for the future of your career, home, or health, and you might find joy in collaboration with others. The Star comes in to to let you know that there is a bright light at the end of this dark tunnel, and you’re strong enough to get through to that light.

73F574D9-BBDE-49D9-BB1B-C02407687D28Scorpio & Scorpio Rising (Oct 23 – Nov 21): You have recently had to make some choices to bring yourself or your situation back into harmony and balance. You find yourself now at the Sun—you are learning to find joy and inspiration in the small things, the everyday things you may have overlooked before. You’re reaching a time of contentment, in spite of any chaos going on around you. Pay attention to your intuition and dreams now.


043F94A6-FCC2-40D1-8E65-A1A5903C4D78Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising (Nov 22 – Dec 21): You are emerging from a time of relative stability, perhaps a period of nostalgia, and even have seen solutions to problems of the past come up now as useful. You are now stepping into the sharp intellect of the queen of swords—rely on honesty, logic, and pay attention to details. The Queen of Swords energy helps you reach that 4 of Wands harmony. Something you’ve been working on could be nearing completion, and there’s a time of celebration for the solid foundations you’ve laid down. There is still work to be done, but for now you can enjoy the feeling of peace and satisfaction.

12263562-34F7-4DC7-8BE0-CC66EF649770Capricorn & Capricorn Rising (Dec 22 – Jan 19): You are coming from a recent new beginning or big inspiration—one of those lightning strikes moments, a deeply intuitive inspiration. Now you are deep into learning something new and applying it to your work, home, or health aspirations. It’s a time of being busy and hard at work, but the efforts bring transformation for the better. The World indicates success, and the completion of a big cycle. All that you have been working for is leading up to something with great potential for success.

5A471768-970E-427C-B98B-E7465C0EBD29Aquarius & Aquarius Rising (Jan 20 – Feb 18): You’re coming out of a time where you’ve really had to step into your cool, calm, logical side. It’s possible there was some rigidity of thought about a particular situation or person, but the justice card indicates that a resolution for the best will be reached. Right now you’re stable, grounded, and have everything you need. You’re in a good position in the pentacle realm of physical resources and health, and the Justice card comes in to set things right that may have been off.

B70E8401-41D4-4A82-A19F-783B4CCDB971Pisces & Pisces Rising (Feb 19 – Mar 20): You’re leaving behind a period of negative thoughts being in control, feeling defeated, or low self esteem. You find yourself now ready to take charge of the situation, to defend yourself if necessary, and to put in any work needed to reach your goals. The judgement card indicates a big opportunity for transformation, rebirth, a shedding of the old.


DC5C4A1F-5A24-4488-A776-94320EC382EDAries & Aries Rising (Mar 21 – Apr 19): You are coming out of a bit of a rut, as the 4 of cups card implies, you’ve been feeling pretty over it. All of it. Nothing has been feeling inspiring. But you’ve moved out of that deep dissatisfaction into a rest and recuperation mode. Many of us have been forced to slow down lately, and the 4 of swords comes along often when we’ve worked ourselves to mental exhaustion—it’s time to rest and come back into balance. All of this down time will pay off—lasting happiness is not only possible, it’s around the corner!

I know these are particularly strange and trying times. Please feel free to reach out to me (the best way is direct message on Instagram @starsnspoons) if you need support! I’m offering readings on a sliding scale based on need, first priority going to spoonies, POC, lgbtqia+ community, and members of marginalized communities.

Love you all,

Leah R. Chatterjee

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