North Node Shift to Gemini: Pick-a-Pile message for your true path

With the north node shifting to Gemini (south node to Sagittarius), I thought I’d do a little pick-a-pile reading for the collective. Take a few deep breaths, clear your mind, and pick the pile you’re drawn to!

Pile 1

Pile 1
You have been working hard, and had to show an enormous amount of courage and strength lately. It looks like you’ve been facing a lot of deep-seated emotions or shadowy parts of yourself, and a lot has been coming to the surface—a light is shining on those shadows now. All of the work you’ve put in, and the courage you’ve shown are about to pay off in the form of balance and harmony, and knowing that you are standing on solid foundations you’ve built. The 4 of Wands brings a really sweet and peaceful time to savor.

Pile 2

Pile 2
You are on 🔥 fire 🔥 right now! You’re creative and spiritual fires are LIT, and you see so many possibilities and options ahead of you. Your imagination is running wild, and it’s actually not a bad idea to see where these creative surges lead you. Some kind of shift/change in the earthy realm is afoot, and it has potential for success if you put a continuous effort towards it. Don’t give up or quit before the magic happens! If you have a LOT of ideas swirling around, it’s not a bad idea to write them down as they come, so you can look at them and decide which ones are worth pursuing.

Pile 3

Pile 3
Things have possibly been pretty stressful at home, or perhaps money has been a stressor…5 of coins indicates turmoil in the earthy realm of home, health, career, physical resources, finances. A decision needs to be made, and in some ways you’d rather not. Try to remove yourself and look at the situation objectively. Once you make the decision, things can begin to come back into balance. Once we reach the 4 of pentacles we have everything we need, and have put in the work to have a solid ground to be standing on, a sturdy roof over our heads. You’ve got this!

Pile 4

Pile 4
As you near the end of a cycle, you find yourself growing spiritually and creatively, and it’s time to let go of some of the things you’ve been carrying that no longer make sense to lug around. What are you holding onto that is weighing you down? Once you answer that and begin to let go and lighten your energetic load, you make room for an emotional new beginning—even new love, a new relationship, and inspiration that is fueled by your heart and intuition. Sometimes new beginnings and new loves can feel scary as you face the unknown, but know that you are strong enough and have what it takes to weather any storm.

That’s all for now loves! Stay safe, stay well, and remember that even in the darkness we have enough light, we have enough love, and we have each other!


Leah R. Chatterje

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