Waning Moon Pick-a-Pile

As the moon begins to wane in Aquarius, our attention turns inward as we release this cycle. Take a deep breath. Which stone would you like to pick up and hold? This is your pile! Scroll down for your cards and message 💕

Pile 1 – labradorite

Pile 1
You’ve been in a period of searching for answers in the night, a time of looking within. In many ways things have been put on hold, and perhaps you are not used to all this introspective time. As Spring bursts into full bloom, decisions and changes in the area of health, home, work, and money come about. It can feel a bit strange after such a quiet period to suddenly feel things bustling along again in some sense, but choices have to be made, and the wheel of change is turning. Once you figure out which direction you want to go, you make way for a new beginning, an emotional reset, even the possibility of new romance or relationship.

Pile 2 – green calcite

Pile 2
If you’ve been feeling frustrated with the powers that be, authority in general, felt restricted and generally like throwing a hissy fit, take a few deep breaths, and ask your inner child what they really need to feel safe, secure, and free. The Star shines on you to let you know the light is coming, this period of darkness is coming to an end, keep hope. You are strong enough to get through this. You come out the other end of this with Empress energy—you can breathe new life into anything you touch, you can create, you can nurture all in your life that needs the love and care.

Pile 3 – rainbow fluorite

Pile 3
You’ve been super intuitive lately, and your dreams have probably been vivid and stranger than usual. While you may have felt a bit low lately, partly this comes from facing ourselves more, and looking into our shadows. Partly you’ve been doing a lot intuitively, even in your sleep. I know your energy is feeling a bit low, but now is not the time to completely chill—there’s something that needs your continued attention/work, perhaps a project that is nearing completion, perhaps something to do with your home, health, or work. Keep at it, the brain and energy fog will be clearing soon, and you’ll have clarity of thought and fresh inspiration!

Pile 4 – celestite cluster

Pile 4
You’re coming out of a period of awakening, having undergone some sort of personal transformation or spiritual growth. You’re thinking clearer than ever, and are in the midst of a pretty big new beginning. The Ace of Pentacles indicates a new beginning in the earthy realm of home, health, work, and finances. Perhaps you’ve had an epiphany with all this growth, and are inspired in a new direction. The Justice card comes around to bring things back into balance. If something has felt wrong and unresolved, it will soon be righted. This is the “reap what you sow” card in some ways, so think about the seeds you’ve been planting.

©️Leah R. Chatterjee

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