Let’s Get Emo…Cancer Full Moon Tarotscopes!

Full Moon in Cancer✨/✨December 29, 2020✨/✨7:28pm PST/10:28pm EST✨/✨Moon enters Cancer 8°’53 2:28am PST/5:28am EST

Hello my fellow stargazers! Welcome to the last full moon of the most f*$%ed up year everrrr!!! If it feels like your emotions have been building up and getting heavier, that’s because we have been building up to this full moon in Cancer. I am partial to water moons as a Cancer sun, but everyone can benefit from this moon as it offers an opportunity to release all of the emotions we’ve been carrying around for a while. Unless you’ve completely checked out or buried your head in the sand this year, I imagine you’ve got a LOT bubbling just beneath the surface that is ready to be let go of. This full moon does more for us than just give us an opening to let it all out—it also shines a light on the ways we need to be nurtured (and finding balance with how we nurture others), what ways we can create safe space for ourselves, how we can better listen to the needs of our own bodies and souls. How can we protect ourselves without completely shutting everyone and everything out? How can we set healthier boundaries and communicate them in a compassionate way?

The moon and sun form a beautiful sextile with Uranus, which means we have an opportunity to have some unique insights and inspiration this full moon—Uranus is the planet of revolutionary vision and innovation, so with this moon we are more easily able to see new possibilities, see things from brand new perspectives. With Uranus in Taurus on this Cancer full moon, perhaps we can find new and unexpected ways to care for ourselves and each other. Sometimes these aspects can feel heavy, especially if we are awakened to the ways in which we’ve been neglecting ourselves. But these realizations are the first steps to facing things we’ve possibly been avoiding, and ultimately lead us to make changes that help propel us into a better future.

This is the last full moon of 2020, and I think we all have a LOT to release and leave in the dust. Be gentle with yourselves in the coming weeks, as we are still living through some intense shit and some big energy shifts that take time to settle into (Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius, the grande conjunction, eclipse season, etc). Here are some astrology dates to note (I left out some upcoming t-squares, but I’ll do some pick-a-pile readings on those if you follow me on Instagram @starsnspoons):

Below are your tarotscopes by sign; please be sure to read for your rising sign as well as your sun sign (if you don’t know your rising and moon signs, astro.com has accurate, free charts). For this moon I decided to pull a message from the mermaids, a card for what we are releasing, and a card for what energy we are moving into (where we’re headed). I used the Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle, and Messages from the Mermaids by Karen Kay for this reading. Enjoy!


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising (Jan 20-Feb 18): This full moon lights up your 6th house of health and sickness, work life, and daily routines. Capricorn season is often a feeling of closing a chapter on the year, but even more so for you Aquarians, as Capricorn sits in your 12th house of the subconscious and endings. When it comes to your day-to-day life, what would you like to leave behind? How can your routine be shaken up for the better? On a grander scale, what are you leaving behind from this past trip around the sun? For what you are releasing I pulled the 5 of Swords—you are ready to release tension, anxiety, frustration that has been coming up a lot over the past year. I see this as also leaving behind a period of time where your thoughts, mood, and life in general had to be carefully managed to keep yourself afloat. Your message from the mermaids is “Hope,” which is a card that comes up when we are unable to see the sunshine and rainbows happening around us (in this card happening right behind the mermaid, but she is consumed with her own feelings and thoughts). “While it’s important to acknowledge any pain and perhaps fear of the future, combined with the feeling that hope is lost, it’s equally important not to harbour these feelings for too long. Release them, knowing in your heart that hope can and will return again.”—Karen Kay. For what energy you’re heading into, I pulled the Knight of Wands. What a difference this new cycle brings for you! This knight is all about action, can bring the possibility of travel, and has an abundance of creative and spiritual energy. This knight often shows up when things are about to change—whether it’s a new job, living situation, relationship, or creative project, you can be sure something is about to be different. Keep hope, sweet Aquarians, I have a feeling the change you’ve been craving is coming!

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Pisces & Pisces Rising (Feb 19-Mar 20): This Cancer full moon lights up your 5th house of creativity, self-expression, pleasure, romance, and affection. This is a great time to release anything that has been blocking you from creatively expressing yourself. It’s also a great moon to take a look at what might be holding you back from experiencing playful fun and romantic pleasure in a full and satisfying way. With the sun in Capricorn shining on your 11th house of goals, objectives, friendships and memberships in groups, take a look at how you’re feeling about this area of life. Are you happy with your friendships and the groups you belong to? Are your long term goals still in alignment with where your soul is at in the present? What can you let go of to make more room for your creative side, the playful side of you that enjoys affection and romance? For what you are releasing this full moon, I pulled the Hermit reversed—perhaps you’ve been isolated more than usual (so many of us have been this year), perhaps this past year you’ve found it difficult to accept help or guidance from anyone, or found it difficult to keep an open mind…The Hermit reversed is in the dark, confused, their lantern snuffed out. I love that this came in the position of what you are leaving behind with this full moon—you are coming out of that darkness. The mermaid message I pulled for you is “Love,” a card that comes up to ask you to open up to unconditional love. “To love someone and yet also set them free is a beautiful thing. When our emotions become involved and we become attached to and dependent on someone, we can face issues. Perhaps you’re experiencing this right now? Remember we’re all born free, which means we have the freedom to choose the path we take in life…”—Karen Kay. This new cycle begins a time of learning to love yourself and accept being fully loved by others. For what energy you’re heading into, I pulled the 4 of Swords reversed—coming out of this period of isolation might not be the easiest. If you’ve been finding yourself hiding a bit, it’s time to dip your toes into connecting with the outside world again. You are not alone in finding these transitions difficult, but one day at a time, one step at a time, you will find your way again.


Aries & Aries Rising (Mar 21-Apr 19): This full moon in Cancer lights up your 4th house of home, family life, and roots. This can be an emotional time, as the moon could stir up things from your past, childhood, family issues, even have you wanting to learn more about your roots/where you come from. If you are holding on to hurt or difficult emotions relating to this area of life, now is the time to let go. With the sun in Capricorn lighting up your 10th house of public life and career issues, take some time to think about how you’re feeling in this area of life (perhaps you are comfortable in the spotlight, but need to take some time to focus on your home and family, the 4th house areas of life…perhaps you’ve been shying away from things that put you in front of a wider audience, and it’s a good time to release hesitation and self-doubt). For what you are leaving behind with this full moon, what needs releasing, I pulled the Three of Coins reversed. You are letting go of a period of time where hard work was not necessarily paying off as much as it should have been, where it was difficult to set any firm foundations when it comes to work, home, health—the pentacles realm of life. Your message from the mermaids is “Be Spontaneous.” Perhaps part of the key to letting go of this past cycle and the feelings that have been building up is to shake things up a bit! “It’s more than okay to be comfortable, and comfort zones are, well, comfortable, which is why it’s easy to stay in them. Yet staying in a fixed pattern can cause our sparkle to dull. We need variety in our lives to keep things fresh, beautiful, and positive. Variety helps to keep our energy flowing and allows new and beautiful experiences to gravitate towards us. Be bold and take action!”—Karen Kay. What ways can you shake things up a little for the better, especially at home and in the ways you’re interacting with family (including chosen family, of course)? For what energy you’re heading into, I pulled the 6 of Pentacles—things are about to feel a lot easier. The 6 of pentacles denotes a time of being able to share resources, of balance in the realm of home, finances, health, and work. You are leaving a challenging period behind, and heading into more balance and ease.


Taurus & Taurus Rising (Apr 20-May 20): This Cancer full moon lights up your 3rd house of communication, writing, thought processes, and short trips. Are there thought patterns you are ready to let go of? What about how you feel in your communications with others? This is a brilliant moon to release, especially if your emotions are heavily involved. The Sun in Capricorn is shining its light on your 9th house of philosophy, spirituality, and higher learning. As a Taurus you can get swept up in work to the point that all you want to do when you get home is eat and sleep. Are they ways in which you are neglecting yourself—particularly when it comes to communication that is fulfilling, and giving your brain new things to learn and think about? For what you are releasing with this moon, I pulled the 5 of Wands. You are leaving behind conflict energy—things and people clashing, an irritating time. When the 5 of Wands shows up in your reading, everything feels challenging, or like you are being challenged. This is a stressful energy to be in, and I’m happy it shows up in the position of what you are leaving behind. Your mermaid message is “Light,” which is interesting with your 3rd house of communication lit up. This card is about not being afraid to be seen, that even if you’ve been feeling your light is dim lately, it is still there and ready to shine blindingly bright. “Sometimes we feel as if our light is missing, but in truth it’s always there. Even when we stand in the shadows, the light is there to guide us…If you feel your light is dimming, it’s time for self-care. Nurture yourself with relaxation, meditation, and the healthy nutrition of fresh foods, until you feel your energy and light restored.”—Karen Kay. Again, if you’ve been working a ton, now is the time to slow down a bit and take care of your own needs. For the energy you’re heading towards I pulled the Ace of Wands! What a lovely change you are headed for, Taurus! The Ace of Wands is a new beginning, creative clarity and inspiration, and I love seeing this as you release the 5 of Wands energy! With the Ace of Wands you’re coming into a time where projects can take off, and if you’ve been having a feeling of wanting a clean slate, this is it.


Gemini & Gemini Rising (May 21-Jun 20): This full moon in Cancer lights up your 2nd house of finances, physical resources, security, and your value system. What needs to be released with this moon in this area of life? What is your relationship to your physical resources, and is it balanced? Do the things you place value on still hold true for the person you’ve grown into? These are questions that can come up during this moon, especially your emotional attachment to your physical belongings, what makes you feel secure, and how you’re feeling about what you value in life. Cancer energy asks us to feel the emotions we’ve been putting aside or stuffing down, and to see where and how we can better nurture ourselves and each other. With the sun in Capricorn shining on your 8th house of transformation, death and rebirth, and sexuality, you are already in a period of change. Perhaps your views on what is valuable to you, what makes you feel safe, are changing now, too. For what you are releasing with this full moon, I pulled the Page of Swords—this is interesting…perhaps you are leaving behind a time where a lot of information was coming in, you might have received news that took some time to process. One nice thing about releasing this energy is that you can let go of feeling like you have to be careful with your words, and that feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. It already has, and you’re still here and doing okay! Your message from the mermaids is “Patience,” something those of us with strong Gemini placements know is easier said than done. As we adjust to all of these changes and shifting energies, though, patience will be a useful tool as we see how things unfold. “Whatever it is you’re hoping for, it’s important to trust and practice patience at this time…Perhaps someone around you needs to be patient, or maybe they’re being impatient with you? If the latter is the case, you need to clearly and lovingly tell them you can’t be rushed in this situation. Simply ask them to be patient with you. When you’re able to practice patience, everything flows in a more natural and harmonious way. The pressure of expectations and hopes takes a back seat, allowing peace and space to prevail.”—Karen Kay  Letting go of attachment to outcome and expectations can lead to such mental and spiritual freedom. For the energy you are heading into in the coming weeks, I pulled Justice. This is a card that comes up when there is opportunity for resolution of any conflicts you’ve been dealing with, and in general denotes a time of things coming back into balance. What was wrong will be righted, so to speak. Try to keep a balanced state of mind and viewpoint—it will help you navigate the weeks ahead.


Cancer & Cancer Rising (Jun 21-Jul 22): This full moon in your sign lights up your first house of self, outer personality, how you begin things, yourself as you appear to others. This is a big moon for you, and after all we’ve been through this year, you may well feel like a whole new person here at the end of a big cycle. When it comes to how you interact with the world of people, how you present yourself to others, even your appearance, what do you want to let go of? Is there room for more self-love, and letting go of criticisms you have for yourself when you look in the mirror? Are there ways that you interact with people that you’d like to let go of? Do you feel good about the way you are perceived by others, or are there things there you’d like to change and release? The sun in your opposite sign, Capricorn, is shining a light on your 7th house this season—emotions can arise with this full moon regarding how you feel about romantic partnerships, relationships in general…are there views you’ve held on partnership that it’s time to let go of, that no longer hold true? Are you content in your current relationships (friendships, romantic partners, business partners)? What dynamics would you like to move on from, and what healthier ones would you like to cultivate? I pulled the Ace of Swords for the energy you are leaving behind and releasing—many of us had big epiphanies or clarity moments with the close of eclipse season and that last new moon. Clarity of thought came rushing in, and for many of us it was almost overwhelming, the realizations and fog lifting was quite a lot to process. The mermaid message I pulled for us is “Acceptance,” which in large part is one of our greatest challenges as crabs—true acceptance means letting go, and sometimes our lil Cancer claws have a TIGHT grip on emotions, on the past… “This mermaid is at peace because she’s in total acceptance of her situation. She asks you to release any resistance or desire of wishing things to be different, and to totally trust and accept things exactly as they are…When we’re in a state of acceptance it means positive solutions can more easily flow towards us. We literally drop any barriers to solutions and energetically welcome in new and creative answers to our dilemmas. Accepting your ‘lot’ isn’t a negative outlook. Through acceptance comes peace, and through peace comes breakthrough.”—Karen Kay. For the energy you are moving towards, I pulled the High Priestess. You are entering a time when the answers you need are within, you just need to be still and look deep beneath your own surface. You might also have valuable information to share, and this is a time when you can begin to find ways to speak that knowledge, and get the messages to those who will benefit from it. The High Priestess teaches us to trust and connect more deeply with our intuition, and to harness the wisdom we have gained through life experiences. Trust yourself, Cancer, you already know many of the answers you’ve been hoping to find.


Leo & Leo Rising (Jul 23-Aug 22): This full moon in Cancer travels through your 12th house of the subconscious, things beyond the physical realm, and endings (how you cope with endings). A full moon in this house shines a light on things you’ve perhaps put off over the past year. This can be an intense time as things that were hidden from view come to light, and a lot of memories and patterns from the past can come up at this time. Sometimes we need to revisit the past to tie things up in the present and move forward, so this offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about anything that might be holding us back. The sun in Capricorn is moving through your 6th house this season, so there’s also a highlight on your daily patterns and habits, your routines, your health and work life. Are there things in your daily routine that can be dropped to make room for things that are more relevant to you now? What needs to be changed up in your health and work routines? This is a great time to address any bad habits you’ve been wanting to tackle. No, we are not talking about new year resolutions and fad diets here, but subtle and lasting lifestyle changes are supported for you right now. For what you are releasing with this full moon, I pulled the 5 of Cups reversed—my lions, you have been going through it emotionally. There is grief and sadness here that we are leaving behind and letting go of, but it has been difficult. With the 5 of Cups reversed there is a hopeless feeling that crept in, but you must remember now to look at the cups you still have standing—not all is lost! This is the time that you can fully let go of the hurt from this emotional upheaval you’ve been through. Your mermaid message confirms this with the card “Letting Go” swimming into your reading. “Keep hope in your heart by letting go. It’s possible to salvage something you thought was lost by releasing any attachments and letting go…Letting go can be challenging, but with this release comes a greater and deeper joy as time heals any sadness…Saying this affirmation can help with the process of letting go: I’m open to the swift and total healing of my heart as I practice letting go so that I may embrace the golden future that awaits.”—Karen Kay. This is, of course, not as easy as it sounds for everyone, but with small steps you can do it. Begin with saying it out loud when it comes up in your mind, “I let go of attachment to the outcome of this situation,” or something similar. For the energy that you are heading towards after this full moon, I pulled the 2 of Wands. The 2’s in tarot often pop up when there is a choice presented, a decision to be made, or options—and with wands you are urged to use your intuition and creativity. The 2 of Wands can also be about the opportunity for change, often coming about when we are at a crossroads of some sort. Lean into your Wands energy—let your connection to spirit, your inner knowing, and your creative spark lead the way.


Virgo & Virgo Rising (Aug 23-Sep 22): This full moon in Cancer lights up your 11th house of goals and objectives, frienships, and memberships in groups (as well as the work you do in society). This is a time for reflecting on your visions for the future—are they still in alignment with you now? What has changed in the past year, and does that affect your long term goals and hopes for the future? How are you feeling about how you fit in society, the groups you belong to or would like to belong to, your friend groups? Are there associations that you’re ready to leave behind to make room for new connections? The sun in Capricorn shines a light on your 5th house of creativity, self-expression, romance and affection, and fun. This moon can highlight what might be holding you back in this area of life—are you leaving room for fun? Are you open to romance, receiving affection, physical pleasure? Is there anything preventing you from expressing yourself in the most fulfilling way that can be released with this moon? Especially if you’ve been feeling extra isolated (ufh, this year we have all had a dose of that in trying to be socially responsible), this moon can really bring up a lot of emotions. This is the end of a cycle where you possibly have spent a lot of time feeling like you’re on the outside looking in—that time is over now, and you can begin to let go of any of the hurt. For what you are releasing I pulled the 7 of Wands—you are leaving behind a period of feeling you have to have strong defenses up, keeping your guard up constantly. You’ve done a good job protecting yourself, sweet Virgo, but it is okay to let some of those wands open up and let people in again. The mermaid message I pulled for you is “Contentment,” a card about finding and experiencing that peaceful feeling of contentment with everything just as it is in this moment. “Contentment is a feeling many people strive for. Being in a state of deep satisfaction with everything—how wonderful is that? If you feel anything but contentment, then this mermaid swims into your cards today to remind you that contentment is possible. Just a slight change of mind, a different perspective can shine new light on your life, so that contentment can be easily within your reach…Contentment isn’t a permanent place of being, but it’s certainly a welcome resting-point in your journey…”—Karen Kay. For the energy that you are moving towards in the coming weeks, I pulled the Strength card. I love to see this for you, Virgo, because this card comes up to remind you that you have what it takes to get through. Whatever you are facing, you’ve got the strength and will power to handle it and come out of it all successfully. It’s true that this card often comes up during challenging times, so I won’t sugarcoat and say it’s all going to be a breeze. But I will remind you of what a badass you are, of all that you have survived and thrived through up to now, and that you absolutely can do this!


Libra & Libra Rising (Sep 23-Oct 22): This full moon in Cancer travels through your 10th house of career issues, public life and reputation, and how you cope with authority. This moon can stir up how you’re really feeling about where you are on your life path, and how you feel about your career. Sometimes this is a time when a big work project comes to a close, or you let go of certain projects or jobs. The sun in Capricorn shines on your 4th house of family, home environment, and roots (ancestry), so this full moon can also bring to light any issues in this area of life that need to be resolved—feelings that need to be dealt with will come up now, so be gentle with yourself and take time to let everything come to light before taking action. For what you are leaving behind I pulled the 3 of Swords—you are releasing some pretty major hurt and painful emotions. This past year probably came with some heartache, and this is the time you are supported in allowing yourself to feel the hurt and let it go. Your message from the mermaids is the “Friendship” card, so this could be a really good time to seek some support from close friends. Reach out and connect. “The message here is that quality company and true friendship would be good for you at this time. Do you have a friend whom you’ve been meaning to contact? An old school friend perhaps? If yes, this card is a gentle nudge for you to reach out to them. Friendship can keep us going when times are tough as well as when times are wonderful, sharing the good times and bad, when we’re happy or sad. Friendships can lift us out of dark places and are like precious jewels in the crown of life.”—Karen Kay. You don’t have to go through these hard feelings alone, Libra, and you don’t have to worry about friends leaving you if you share the dark stuff. Your true friends are there for you, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable with them. For the energy that you are moving into in the coming weeks, I pulled the 4 of Wands! This is a card of solid foundations, the balance that comes after you’ve put in hard work towards something. The work you’re doing now on yourself and for your career are setting down firm foundations for your future. I see this as you moving out of heartache and further onto your true path.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising (Oct 23-Nov 21): This full moon in Cancer lights up your 9th house of higher learning, philosophy, and spirituality. This is a great time to research more about the things you are interested in, and contemplate your philosophy on life. How have your views on life changed in the past year? What ideas are you ready to let go of? Cancer full moons bring the opportunity for great emotional release, so anything you’ve been holding in for some time you can let out now. The sun in Capricorn lights up your 3rd house of communication, thought processes, siblings, and short trips. This is a great time to see where you might be having blockages when it comes to communicating your ideas, and you could notice some thought patterns that you are ready to change (perhaps some negative thought patterns that you’re ready to release). For what you are releasing with this moon, I pulled the 9 of Swords—you are leaving behind a very difficult time, especially mentally. The 9 of Swords comes when we are having nightmares, anxiety is at the forefront, and it is so hard to see possibilities, solutions, and hope. The good news is that this card comes in the position of what you are leaving behind and coming out of! Your message from the mermaids is the “Dive Deep” card, which is funny since you Scorpios are frequent emotional and mental deep sea divers. This card, though, often comes up when there is more to a situation than meets the eye. “Dive deeply into your current situation to help reveal any hidden factors at play. Relax to feel comfortable and acclimatize to this new environment…Another meaning of this card is that you or someone else could be staying on the surface of a situation when it would be preferable to dive deep and explore the deeper meaning of what’s really going on. It can take courage to do this, as we often fear the unknown, but usually the discovery isn’t as bad as we think, and often it can bring joy and freedom, sometimes from years of avoidance.”—Karen Kay. Interestingly, for the energy you are moving towards in the coming weeks, I pulled the Moon—a card all about the subconscious, things hidden beneath the surface, and intuition. This card often comes up as a message to not take things at face value, that more is going on underneath it all. This full moon should shed some light on your situation, but moving forward be aware that not everything is as it seems, and trust and tap into your intuition. Especially in your communications with others, as your 3rd house is activated with this moon, just remember that you don’t always have all of the information, and it’s okay to take your time and see what comes to light.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising (Nov 22-Dec 21): This full moon in Cancer lights up your 8th house of transformation, death and rebirth, and sexuality. With the full moon traveling through this house, often feelings about how we feel nurtured by others/how we nurture others can come up, as this is the house following the house of relationships—it can highlight the fruits of our relationships, what we learn from our relationships that help us change and grow. The sun in Capricorn is moving through your 2nd house of finances, physical resources, security, and what you find valuable. This moon will also bring up how you are feeling in this area of life—what makes you feel safe and secure? How do you feel about your physical belongings and resources? It can be a good time to let go of any physical stuff that is no longer useful or contributing to your well-being, and a good time to examine your emotional state surrounding your resources and value system. I pulled the Hierophant for what you are releasing with this moon—you are letting go of conventional wisdom, conventional lines of thought, and perhaps it is time for you to branch out philosophically and with your ideas about relationships and what you’re supposed to be learning from them. Your mermaid message is the “Move Forward” card, letting you know that it is time for forward motion. This message goes well with your 8th house of transformation activated: “Make a move now! The time for waiting is over and forward movement is required. Don’t let fear stop you…Whatever it is that you’ve been thinking about doing, this card says do it now. You might not feel ready, or you could be waiting for the perfect moment to take action. Well, that perfectly imperfect moment is now! The time for inaction or procrastination is over. You know in your heart that the current circumstances can’t stay the same and bold action is required…”—Karen Kay. For the energy that you are moving towards in the coming weeks, I pulled the 8 of Cups. This card comes up when we make the choice to leave behind a situation, person, or dynamic that has been holding us back, or is simply no longer the right situation for us. This is an emotional card, it’s not always easy to walk away from something or someone that we have invested energy and emotions in. But this is a hopeful card, and truly is about moving onwards and upwards—choosing your own forward momentum over a situation or relationship that was creating stagnation for you is not easy, but it’s important. Ultimately this is a card of freedom, of choosing emotional freedom, and as this is a moon for big changes, it makes sense that you could make a big move towards that freedom.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising (Dec 22-Jan 19): This Cancer full moon lights up your 7th house of partnerships of all kinds, romantic partners and marriage, and how you relate to other people in general. This moon can shine a bright light on anything you haven’t been able to see regarding other people (especially people you’re in close relationship with), and is a time where you are supported in examining your relationships and getting a deeper understanding on the emotions that come up during that process. Are there relationships that need to be let go of? This is always a possibility, as full moons are often for releasing what is no longer working. The sun in your sign shines brightly on your 1st house, so how you are feeling about yourself, issues of self-esteem, and how you feel about how others see you can also come up during this emotional moon. For what you are releasing this moon, I pulled the Page of Pentacles reversed—interesting as this opportunity for release is in the 7th house. For many of you, you could be leaving behind a time that has not been much fun, and where you’ve had trouble finding motivation to do the work you need to, perhaps a time of letting things slide and not being able to tie up loose ends. For some of you this could be about an actual person you have been dealing with, and if so it is someone likely petty in their actions, and humorless, possibly someone who has been stealing your joy to a certain extent. If that’s the case, this is definitely a relationship that you are thinking about walking away from, and you are supported in doing so by the current energies. Your message from the mermaids is the “Discernment” card—now is a time to use your judgment wisely (especially pertaining to your relationships and other people, as your 7th house is active). “Use discernment combined with wisdom, for you’ll soon make a discovery that could benefit your life or the lives of others in a wonderful way…Something of great significance has been or is about to be discovered and discernment will be required…You could find yourself in a situation where discernment combined with sensitivity is required. Perhaps something is about to be unearthed concerning your friend(s), family or ancestors, or a secret may soon be revealed. It’s vital to be discerning when sharing any information that comes to light at this time…”—Karen Kay. This is probably good advice for us all at this wobbly time, but especially for those of us with houses activated that center around our dealings with other people. For the energy that you are moving into in the coming weeks, I pulled the Knight of Pentacles—this is a card about slow and steady progress. Out of all of the Knights of tarot, this knight is the slowest moving, but the changes and progress they bring are solid and benefit you in a big way. Have patience, you’re getting to where you want to be, it’s just going to take some time and effort.

Wishing you all a wonderful last full moon of 2020! May we all leave behind everything we need to release, so that we can move forward into better, easier (at least in some ways) times. I have lots of fun things planned for 2021, so stay tuned!

Love and spoonie solidarity,

Leah R. Chatterjee

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