New Year Pick-a-Pile!

Take a moment to clear your mind. Bring your attention to your breath, and take several deep breaths in and out. When you’re ready, pick the amethyst that you are most drawn to.

Decks used: Next World Tarot by Cristy C Road; Raven’s Wand Oracle by Steven Hutton; Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn

Pick a pile!

Reveal & Readings

Pile 1

💫Pile 1💫
For what is changing for you this year, I pulled the 2 of Cups. This year you are deepening your existing relationships, and there is the possibility of falling in love. The 2 of Cups is sometimes read as the soulmate card, and often comes up when we are ready to go deeper with a relationship (not necessarily romantic, but definitely a possibility). Sometimes there is an emotional choice that needs to be made, but expect this to be a year of strengthening and enriching your relationships.
I pulled the “Raven’s Wand” card for you, which comes with the message of releasing perfectionism and finding acceptance for doing the best you can in any given situation. “We all want to be the best, but Kolfinnia is reminding you that doing your best is more important. You might make mistakes, but this is how the real world works. Accept that as long as you give your best, nobody can ask for more or expect perfection; not friends, colleagues, family, or even the gods.”—Steven Hutton. Apply this to your relationships, too! Do your best, but don’t get caught up in trying to make things perfect—life gets messy, and it’s a year of changes ahead.
I also pulled the “Delight” card for you—this year you get to connect with others more, and it’s important you take time out to have fun in the coming months. “Delight is expanding in your life. Clap your hands with glee. Spend time with others… The joy you experience will give birth to immense creativity, and your life will blossom… This isn’t the time to be serious or buckle down and get to work. This is the time to be spontaneous and madcap. Do not make hard-and-fast commitments. Don’t sign any legal documents or make any pledges now. Don’t make any promises—or you might not be able to keep them. Give yourself permission to have fun…lots of fun, especially in community with others.”—Denise Linn. Of course, sometimes work and legal documents can’t wait, but the main message here is to find time to focus on things that bring you delight, that you enjoy.

Pile 2

💫Pile 2💫
For what is changing for you in the year ahead, I pulled the 7 of Wands. This is a year of stepping up and taking charge of your life, or situations in your life—the 7 of Wands comes when we have seen some success, but there can be external people or situations that make things a little difficult. You have learned a lot, and put yourself in a good defensive position. Now you can take charge of the situation and move yourself forward. Keep up the hard work you’ve been doing (with ample time for self-care, of course), don’t worry about what other people think, you’ve got this!
I pulled the “Prove Yourself” card from the Raven’s Wand Oracle, which is a message about earning trust patiently—by showing that we can provide a reliable, stable energy. “Trust only comes with patience—so let those you want to draw closer do so in their own time. Jenny makes sure to avoid sudden moves or loud noise, and instead goes about her work calmly and softly. When we prove ourselves as stable and constant, trust will grow.”—Steven Hutton.
I also pulled the “Embracing” card for you. The image on this card shows us the floodplains, which happen when land that is usually dry near a river floods over. The water deposits lots of nutrients and silt, making the land fertile and lush. While strong emotions flooding us can feel overwhelming, ultimately what we learn from experiencing them helps us grow and make our minds more fertile. “You get this card when emotions are seemingly overflowing…or not flowing at all. Cherish the overflow of emotions, and embrace the times that seem murky, for your inner floodplains are being replenished, there will be great spiritual and physical expansion.”—Denise Linn.

Pile 3

💫Pile 3💫
For what is changing for you in the year ahead, I pulled the King of Pentacles. You are stepping into your own in the realm of earthy things—health, career, finances, home life. The King of Pentacles has reached success in this realm, and is always willing to help out when they can. Remember that it’s important to be able to receive help as well, to be able to receive in general. Healthy boundaries need to be laid out this year, and please remember that it’s important to clearly communicate your boundaries—don’t expect people to magically know them.
I pulled the “Taste Before Judging” card for you from the Raven’s Wand Oracle. This is a reminder to look beneath the surface, and not judge things based on appearance. “First impressions are just that: they come first. We must look harder to see the true picture. Preconceptions often limit our willingness to experience new things, which can be harmful enough. Let loose, however, they grow into full-blown prejudice. Taste first, then decide.” —Steven Hutton. It’s easy to fall into this trap of first impressions, but remember that people and situations can be complicated, and it can take time and various perspectives to fully understand what’s going on.
With that King of Pentacles, this is going to be a year of hard work (that will be well worth it). So it’s no surprise that I pulled the “Relaxation” card for you. It’s okay to let go a little from time to time, release, and let things unfold as they will. “When you receive this card, relax. All is well. No need to strive or push to get ahead. Beneath the surface of life, everything is gently propelling you in the right direction. You can lay down your burdens and simply unwind. Slow down and slow calmness to fill you.”—Denise Linn. Letting go in this way allows you to tap deeper into your intuition, makes room for new ideas, and allows creativity to flow more easily.

Pile 4

💫Pile 4💫

For what is changing for you in the year ahead, I pulled the 2 of Pentacles for you. This is a year of big changes, choices to be made, and a lot of movement. If you find yourself juggling a lot, especially in the area of work, health issues, and home life, this is a year that you find more balance—what can be shifted so that you feel less constant pressure? With all that you’re juggling, what do you have in the air that doesn’t need to be there? Overall, this is a lovely card—change for the better is coming this year, and you’re going to find a way to balance it all out. I pulled “The Gift” card for you from the Raven’s Wand Oracle. This card comes with the message that we are all still capable of tapping into our inner child, that we don’t have to become jaded as we grow older. “As children we long to grow up, while as adults we sometimes ask ourselves where the magic of childhood vanished to. But we can have both: child-like wonder and adult wisdom. Sarah Saint-Anthony’s gift from the young grifflet is a beautiful feather. Let it remind you that although the years roll on, so, too, do the wonders. All you need to do is remember how to see them, just as we did as children. If you can appreciate the sound of rain tapping against glass, or be captivated by birdsong enough to stop whatever you’re doing, then you reconnect with the magic of the ordinary.”—Steven Hutton. Find ways throughout the year to connect with your childlike wonder, and stay in tune with the magic that surround us in the day-to-day! I also pulled the “Security” card from the Sacred Destiny Oracle for you. This is a message that you are safe, protected, and watched over. “No matter what is occurring in your life, you are in safe hands. Those in the realm of Spirit are watching over you. You can relax and let go. Once you’ve taken measures to protect yourself and those you love—such as making sure everyone has their seatbelt on in the car, making sure your insurance is paid on time, or replacing the filter on your heating unit—then let go. If you have been hypervigilant lately, take a break. Relax; know that all is well.”—Denise Linn. Especially after a year like 2020, is understandable if we are feeling extra protective and cautious. The message here is not to stop taking precautions or protecting yourself, but rather once you have done all you can do, it’s time to let go. Trust that you’ve done everything in your power to look after your loved ones and yourself, and release it to the universe.

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