New Moon, New Tune: Horoscopes for New Moon in Aries

🌑New Moon in Aries 22° April 11, 2021 7:30pm PST

♈️Aries stellium: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Ceres, and Eris all in Aries

Welcome to your new moon in Aries horoscopes! What a fiery new moon this is, with 8 planetary bodies in the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries. We recently entered the new astrological year when the sun entered Aries on March 20, and this new moon we really begin to feel the energy of a new beginning. As my friend, Mimi (give her astrology Gaia Blooming a follow), pointed out, this new moon fall at 22° Aries, which is a master number degree. This can be a powerful moon for setting intentions for your new beginning. What do you see for yourself in the coming months?

The cards I pulled for the collective show that we are truly at the end of a chapter, and ready to let things that aren’t working die to make room for new growth. What are you ready to let go of to make room for this rebirth energy? Part of what this new beginning is about is developing the ability to slow down and face ourselves—to learn to really be able to look at ourselves. Are there parts of yourself that you hide or run away from? All of this Aries energy gives us the courage and the curiosity to face ourselves, and this could lead to lovely epiphanies for many of us. The Key brings that “Aha!” moment to us with this new moon—the light is about to be turned on, and clarity is upon us. Below are the tarotscopes for each sign; please be sure to read for your rising sign (and your moon as well, if you’d like to know more about your emotional self) as well!

Hope you all have a lovely new moon, and enjoy your horoscopes below!

Love & Solidarity,

Leah R. Chatterjee


Decks used: The Field Tarot by Hannah Fofana and Dream Oracle Cards by Kelly Walden

Aries & Aries Rising (Mar 20-Apr 19): This new moon falls in your 1st house of self, personality, how you deal with beginnings, and how you appear to others. You could find yourself wanting to reinvent yourself this new moon, perhaps even wanting to give yourself a lil makeover! It’s a good moon to really take a look at yourself and how you want to be perceived. Is how you want people to see you in alignment with how you feel seen? You are in the energy of the Hanged Man at the moment—this is a time for hanging for a time and gaining a new perspective. Remember that while this time of reflection is important, you can’t hang there forever. It’s your season, so time to get moving on your dreams! Your oracle message asks you to be mindful of the kinds of thoughts and information you are consuming—are you listening to junk, or letting intrusive thoughts run the show? The Job oracle message comes up as a reminder that it’s okay, and important even, to strive to do what you love to do. If you are in a job that you don’t love, are there aspects of it that you enjoy? Can you find things to love about it, or is it time to start searching for more meaningful work? Remember that even if you can’t work a conventional job, the work we do to maintain our health through chronic illness, the art we create, the everyday things we do to survive and try to thrive count as meaningful work. Even if you don’t love the work you’re doing, it’s time to bring some enthusiasm and focus to it.

Taurus & Taurus Rising (Apr 20-May 20): This new moon falls in your 12th house of what lies beneath the surface, the subconscious, self-undoing, karma, and how we cope with endings. You are comfortable working behind the scenes right now, and it’s a nice time for looking within and working on yourself. Things that have been kept secret or hidden can come to light with this moon, and you could feel compelled to explore your subconscious mind more. You are in the energy of the Sun for this new moon, and find yourself able to find joy in the simple things in your everyday life. With the new moon traveling through your 12th house, it’s no surprise that you got the Angel oracle message of “Tap into your higher wisdom.” This card brings the message that you are loved more than you could ever know, and have lots of support from your guides and angels. If you don’t believe in those, think of it as the universe having your back! I also pulled the Party card for you–time to celebrate yourself, sweet Taurus! You work hard, and it’s almost your birthday season! Do something nice for yourself, do something fun and frivolous! This card also comes with the message that whether you can see them or not, you have a whole legion of supporters cheering you on (perhaps family and friends, and also ancestors and loved ones on the other side). Feel the love, and celebrate yourself in the coming weeks!

Gemini & Gemini Rising (May 21-Jun 20): This new moon falls in your 11th house of goals, groups (and memberships in groups), and friendships. This is a good time to connect on a sincere level with friends new and old, for being social, and for widening your social and business networks. This is also a powerful new moon for setting new goals or re-establishing long-standing goals. Are you still in alignment with your objectives and long-term goals? You are in the energy of the Lovers right now–of course, you’re always somewhat in this energy as the Lovers is the tarot card associated with Gemini. You could find yourself facing an emotional decision–a choice that needs to be made with your heart. Whether you are falling in love with a project or something new, it’s possible that you might have to give something up to pursue your dream. The Doctor card suggests you make the choice that is most healing for you, and reminds you that you have the power to heal yourself emotionally and mentally. The Box oracle card comes with the message that it’s time to unearth some things that you’ve been keeping hidden or safeguarding. Talk with a trusted friend or therapist and unpack some of these things–you could find they hold the key to a superpower you didn’t know you were sitting on!

Cancer & Cancer Rising (Jun 21-Jul 22): This new moon falls in your 10th house of public life, career issues, and represents the mother (or sometimes the opposite sex parent). Career issues can come up at this time, especially opportunities for advancement or starting something new. The spotlight could be on you a bit now, and it can be hard to keep things hush hush for the next few days. Steer clear of gossip, and if you find yourself at the center of rumors try to examine them–with the new moon traveling through this house, sometimes rumors can reveal some truths. You are currently in the energy of the High Priestess–look within for any answers you seek, your intuition is on point, and you hold the wisdom you need. It could be time to share that wisdom with others, as the High Priestess is also a teacher of sorts. If you find yourself wondering what to do, look within, you already know. The Ocean oracle card comes with the message that it’s time to dive into your feelings, let them out, let yourself cry. Let yourself go with the flow of emotions, and if you ever feel your sinking, remember that part of the gift of those moments is that you can retrieve things that have been buried on the ocean floor and gain a deeper understanding of your emotional self. The Bridge oracle card lets you know when you are transitioning from one station in life to another. You could be called upon to be a bridge yourself, connecting two opposing sides in a situation, or networking in some important way. This is a message of connection, so notice ways in which you are connected to your networks and to the collective, ways in which you act as a bridge for others.

Leo & Leo Rising (Jul 23-Aug 22): This new moon falls in your 9th house of philosophy, higher learning, and spirituality. If you’ve been wanting to learn something new or dive into a new subject, this new moon is the perfect time for that! You could find yourself re-examining your beliefs and philosophy on life during the next few days, or find yourself drawn to explore new spiritualities or practices. You might want to study other cultures or far off places to inspire yourself. You are in the energy of the Princess of Cups, so be on the lookout for news of an emotional nature, and new information coming in about relationships or emotional subjects. Usually this is good news when this card is upright. It can also be about a time when you are learning about your emotional self, so don’t be afraid to dive into your feelings this week! The Church/Temple/Mosque oracle card comes with the message that you are in some way coming to realize that you are a spiritual being, or expanding your spiritual beliefs. What is your relationship with your spiritual side and your beliefs? Time to examine those as you realize what a powerful being you are. The Childhood Home oracle card comes with the message that it could be beneficial to reminisce a bit and revisit your roots. Whether or not your childhood was harmonious, childhood memories also contain our vulnerabilities, innocence, and magic. “You can never go home again, but the truth is you can never leave home, so it’s all right.”–Maya Angelou

Virgo & Virgo Rising (Aug 23-Sep 22): This new moon falls in your 8th house of transformation, death & rebirth, how we learn from our relationships, and shared resources. What are you letting die to make room for all of the new growth coming in? What have you learned from your relationships lately, as you enter this new beginning? Because this house deals with other people’s money, it’s a good time to pay off any debts owed (if you can, or at least put something towards them), and clear up any issues with shared resources or if money is owed to you. The moon traveling through this house doesn’t necessarily mean a huge and dramatic transformation, but there could be subtle changes and you might find yourself wanting to let go of things and tweak things a little, creating small transformations that make your life better. You are in the energy of the Fool, so truly coming upon a new beginning–time to take that leap of faith and begin a new adventure! This is a time where you can see things from a brand new perspective, even with the eyes of a child–you are beginning something completely new here, where you are learning things from scratch and able to see things in a new way. The Family oracle card comes with the message that healing within your family is possible now, and it’s also a great time to explore your ancestry and roots. What did your ancestors believe in? Does any of that resonate, or are you here to change things up? The Award oracle card comes with the message that you have come far and made great headway. It’s time to celebrate your achievements and victories. Take some time with this new moon to celebrate yourself and how far you’ve made it!

Libra & Libra Rising (Sep 23-Oct 22): This new moon falls in your 7th house of marriage, partnerships, and how you relate with other people. This puts a spotlight on all relationships and partnerships, romantic and business. This is a time when you can turn your attention to improving existing relationships, as well as re-examine your beliefs and experiences with relationships. What are your feelings on intimacy and emotional dependence on others? If you are single, you could find yourself wanting to find a romantic partner, and it’s a great time to think about what you want in romantic partnership and what beliefs could be holding you back. You are in the energy of the Empress right now–you have something to bring to life, and it’s important to nurture yourself and your creativity right now. This is a time of coming into balance, stability, taking good care of yourself, and budding creativity! The Music oracle card comes with the message to listen to the song your soul is singing–step out of the everyday grind for some time and take moments to feel your soul in synchronicity with the universe. Listen deeply and see what you hear. The Car oracle card comes to let you know that you are going places, and it’s time to take control of your life and get in touch with your own inner GPS! Time to get clear on where you want to go and the route you want to take. Remember it’s all about the journey, not the destination!

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising (Oct 23-Nov 21): This new moon falls in your 6th house of daily routines, work, sickness and health. You could find yourself wanting to breathe new life into your day-to-day activities–what part of your regular routine needs to be shaken up? There is also a focus on health with this new moon–are you taking good care of yourself? How are you feeling physically, and how might you make adjustments to your health routines for the better? You are in the energy of the Chariot–things are moving forward and you are on your way! This card often comes up when we are still at the beginning of our journey and have quite a distance to go. The Chariot comes in to remind you that you have what it takes for the journey ahead, and you will get to your destination victoriously. If you’ve been doubting yourself or feeling overwhelmed, remember that you can do this! You are strong and courageous enough for what lies ahead. The Purse/Wallet oracle message is that it’s time to change your relationship with money or financial issues in some way. Money is an energy, too, and while lack of it can cause stress and issues, the advice here is that there is a way to build a better relationship with the energy of money/finances. The Celebrity oracle card comes in to let you know that it’s time to embrace the spotlight. If you’ve been hiding out backstage for a while, it’s time to come out front and center and let yourself be seen. We all have star qualities and talents that make us special–time to recognize yours and let them shine.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising (Nov 22-Dec 21): This new moon travels through your 5th house of fun, romance, creativity, and self-expression. This is a great new moon to find some ways to have fun, get your flirtation on, and let your creative juices flow. Have you been feeling able to freely express yourself lately? How are you feeling in the areas of romance, affection, and receiving love? You are getting a new beginning in this area of life, so it’s a good time to get some clarity on your feelings and thoughts on this house–what limitiing beliefs can you let go of? How can you become more comfortable with receiving love and affection? How can you incorporate more FUN into your life? This new moon finds you in the energy of the 4 of Disks–you have done a good job building firm foundations and stability for yourself. The message here is not to hold too tightly to all that you have built, because you are not in danger of losing anything. Sometimes when we’ve worked hard for stability it can feel scary to let go and trust the foundations you’ve built. You can let go now–you’ve done an awesome job and you’re not going to lose any ground. The Child oracle comes just as the moon transits your house of fun–time to get out and play a little! You’ve worked hard either in your job, on your health situation, or just in general, and it’s okay to loosen up now and let yourself have some pleasure! The Departed Loved Ones card comes to let you know you are so loved by so many on the other side. If you’ve lost someone, they are coming through this new moon to remind you of the army of love and support you’ve got from ancestors and loved ones on the other side.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising (Dec 22-Jan 19): This new moon falls in your 4th house of home, family life, and roots. You could find yourself wanting to make improvements to your home or spruce things up a bit, and after all, it is the season for Spring cleaning! It’s a great time to get your home feeling good and feeling like a reflection of your true self. Family issues can come up at this time, and often with new moons there is an opportunity for healing or resolving an issue, and you could find yourself wanting to learn more about your ancestry or dive into your roots. I pulled the 10 of Cups for you–this moon is really a time when you can begin to build towards your lasting emotional security. You are heading towards a more joyful time in your relationships, and it’s important that you believe that your ideal “happy ending” is possible. The House/Home oracle card came up (funny as your 4th house is lit up right now) with the message that it’s time to come home to your true self, and recognize that you are surrounded by unconditional love and acceptance from the universe. “The more you incorporate the authentic expression of your soul essence into your physical life, the more this place called Earth will bear a resemblance to the place from whence you came.”–Kelly Walden The Lottery oracle card comes with the message that it’s time to make room for all of the growth, happiness, and abundance that is about to come into your life. Time to “bet on yourself” now, because you’re a safe bet! This is not just a card of luck and fortune, but a reminder that what seems like luck is actually your self-confidence and sense of self-worth are growing and elevating, and that can feel a lot like luck! Time to let go of any limiting beliefs about yourself so that you can make room for all this goodness coming in.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising (Jan 20-Feb 18): This new moon transits your 3rd house of thinking/thought processes, communication of all kinds, short trips, and siblings. With so many planets in Aries at the moment, communications can be passionate, fiery, and impulsive now. You are getting a new beginning in this area of life, so it’s a good time to think about how you communicate and how you are feeling about your communications with others lately. It’s also a good time to pay attention to your thoughts and thought patterns, because if you have any changes you want to make it’s a powerful time to set intentions towards healing any unhealthy thought patterns or ways of thinking. You are in the energy of the King of Cups right now–you are able to master your emotions now, come into emotional balance, and foster healthy relationships. Careful not to fall into manipulative behaviors while you’re in this energy, but rather step into the healthy and strong negotiation skills of this king. The Flood oracle card brings the message that if you’ve been bottling up your feelings it’s time to let them break through the floodgates. Tears are cleansing and powerful for releasing, so let them fall and make room for this beautiful new beginning. The Gift oracle card comes to let you know it’s time to let self-doubt and confidence issues dissipate and recognize yourself for the gift and blessing that you truly are! It’s also a good time to turn your focus to your blessings, even to pull out some of the gifts you have received and appreciate them.

Pisces & Pisces Rising (Feb 19-Mar 19): This new moon travels through your 2nd house of physical resources, financial issues, possessions, sense of security, desires and values. This is a good time to reflect on your true desires and your value system–perhaps what you place value on and what you truly want has changed over time? You might want to review how secure you are feeling in this area of life, as well as review your financial situation. You are getting a new beginning in this area of your life, so make room for it! You are in the energy of the 4 of Cups, which can feel a bit like you’re stuck in a rut, but really you are taking time to come back into emotional balance. While there can be a dissatisfied feeling when this card comes up, there are gifts coming into your life, you just not might be able to see them just yet. The Dance oracle card comes with the message that it’s time to tap into your inner rhythm truly feeling the free and magical being that you are. Turn on some of your favorite music and let your body move freely to it! The Mountain card comes to let you know that the challenge you are facing now is making you smarter, stronger, and more resourceful. You have what it takes to face the challenges that come up, and while you may still have a way to go to reach your goals, you are always growing, evolving, and progressing. Keep swimming, you’ve got this lil fishy!

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