Movin’ On: Mercury Retrograde + Taurus Season Messages & Tarotscopes

A quick message for the Divine Disabled:

Hello fellow stargazers, spoonies, and chronically ill loves of my life! Been a while, and I want to start out with a lil love note for my community. If you’re disabled or chronically ill and finding this stage of the pandemic harder than ever, you’re far from alone. Here’s some validation for you, since the whole world is gaslighting us: The pandemic is still happening despite most governments abandoning the vulnerable in the name of profit. 200+ people are still dying every day in the USA. Long COVID cases continue to rise, and continue to be largely ignored. Mask mandates have been lifted in healthcare settings, which means immunocompromised folks can’t even get necessary healthcare safely anymore. Even those who stood with us at the beginning have stopped masking, stopped caring. Most events and public indoor spaces are no longer accessible, and we are more isolated than ever before.

It’s so hard to hold onto any kind of hope right now, which is why I wanted to write these especially for you: the divine depressed, the divine disabled, the divine chronically ill. Astrology and tarot can’t get rid of the dystopic nightmare we’re living in, but they can help us discover little nuggets of new perspective. I love you, and you’re not alone.

Credits~ Decks used: Queer Tarot by Ashley Molesso & Chess Needham; The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards by Maia Toll & Kate O’Hara. Background of all images by photographer Felix Mittermeier.

A message for the Collective

May finds us continuing along in the astrological clusterf*ck of eclipse season and Mercury retrograde, with Pluto retrograde May 1st adding some extra spice to the mix. The tarot message for the collective is one of moving on and choosing to prioritize our well-being. With the 8 of Cups this can be a heavy moment at first…for many of us, it is not an easy choice to walk away from what’s no longer good for us. Often when this card comes up we are turning our backs on situations, relationships, or even parts of the past that we are emotionally tied to.

Our guidance with Rosemary is not to shy away from the memories, or push away our pasts. The energy of rosemary can help soften the blows of harsh or sharp memories, allowing us to learn from past experience. Perhaps we can honor the memory of what was, and what we have learned from what we’re leaving behind. Maybe we can turn the good, the bad, the painful into rich fertilizer for what we are growing on our new path.

Astrology Tidbits for the Collective

Mercury: Mercury is retrograde in the earthy sign of Taurus until May 15. The post-shadow period (retroshade) lasts until June 1, so we will be in this review period throughout May. Mercury in Taurus brings issues surrounding security, self-worth, basic needs, values, and resources up for review. This is a time when the practical and earthy everyday elements of life come to the forefront and require our attention. This is a great time to slow down and get more organized, or incorporate more structure where it’s needed. This can be a tricky time for dealing with health issues. As someone who has had at least 5 big surgeries during Mercury retrogrades, I can say that there were hassles, but all of those surgeries were successful. Plan for miscommunications as best you can, expect delays, be prepared (as always) to advocate for yourself if mistakes or clerical errors are made. Mercury is retrograde quite often, and it doesn’t mean we should be afraid to do things. It is a time where we benefit from slowing down, reviewing things from the cycle past, and fine tuning plans. If you do start something new during this time, you can expect to have to redo some things or revisit some ideas and tweak them.

Pluto Retrograde: May 1 Pluto retrograde begins (we’ve already been in the pre-shadow period for quite some time). This is a long retrograde due to Pluto’s orbit, so we will feel it unfolding slowly in the background until January 2024. Pluto retrograde begins in Aquarius, dips back into Capricorn on June 11, goes direct October 10, re-enters Aquarius January 20, 2024, and finally leaves the post-shadow retrograde period January 31, 2024. Pluto transitioning into Aquarius brings a big shift in the collective towards humanitarian energy–over the next few years we will start to see big changes unfolding, perhaps in volatile ways in the beginning. Sometimes Pluto energy reminds me of the Tower card in tarot…destruction of structures that aren’t working, so that better ones can be built. If you’d like to read more about Pluto retrograde, I recommend this piece by Tanaaz of Forever Conscious.

Notable Happenings: ~Full moon + lunar eclipse in Scorpio May 5~~Venus enters Cancer May 7~~Jupiter enters Taurus May 16~~New Moon in Taurus May 19~~Sun enters Gemini May 21

Tarotscopes for All Signs

Please be sure to read your Rising sign as well as your Sun sign for the bigger picture. You can also read your moon sign to get insights on your inner, emotional world. (you can find out all of your signs for free using the free chart on Astrodienst)

Background is a photo of green, leafy treetops. Two cards are shown above the caption “Taurus.”Tarot card of the Page of Swords from Queer Tarot and oracle card called "Tough Love, Lavender." The Page of swords has short black hair, is holding up a sword as if ready to fight, clouds and yellow stars in the background. Lavender card shows a tiger's head inside the steam that is coming up from a tea cup. There is a rabbit peaking out from behind the teacup.

Taurus Sun, Rising, Moon (Apr 20 – May 20): Happy birthday Taurus! This Mercury retrograde highlights your first house of self, so this month really is all about you in many ways. As you go through retrograde review, you will be learning a lot about how you present yourself to the world, your sense of self-esteem, how you feel about your appearance, and how you interact with others. The full moon and eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th light up your 7th house of partnerships, so you could find yourself reevaluating relationships. This can be a turning point with some people, as you decide whether to deepen the connection, or perhaps walk away. The Page of Swords indicates a time of learning and taking in a lot of information, and asks you to take your time with decisions and actions. Subtlety works in your favor throughout May, as do practical approaches and steps towards your goals. The “Tough Love, Lavender” card comes in with the guidance to find ways to ground yourself through the challenges and situations that come up this May. Lavender energy can help you keep a clear mind through even the most chaotic times. “People think Lavender is soft, useful for shaping quiet space and calming rowdy children. But beneath her powdery scent is a hint of menthol. Smell it? That bite at the back of your palate?…If circumstances should change, call on Lavender. She handles emergencies with military precision, keeping a cool head and a stout heart…When Lavender appears, it’s time to ground yourself and dig into the task at hand.” –Maia Toll (The Illustrated Herbiary. What calms you when things feel shaky? What solid ground can you dig into? While you are learning so much about yourself and how you are changing as a person, it can feel a bit disorienting. What parts of yourself feel settled that you can find comfort in? As hard as you work, Taurus, (and let’s remember that taking care of health conditions, managing dr appointments, navigating mental health issues, chronic illness life in general…that’s all WORK) this month it will be particularly important to slow down and rest when you can. Take plenty of moments for physical pleasure, fun, and naps.

Background is a photo of green, leafy treetops. Two cards are shown above the caption “Gemini.” Tarot card of the 5 of Cups shows a person looking down at 3 fallen cups. Two cups on their other side are standing upright. a rainbow flows up behind them with stars on either side. There are some hills, a road, and buildings in the background. The oracle card says "Tap your Resources; Burdock," and shows a stone fireplace with a pot hanging over a brightly glowing fire. Burdock plant and  roots frame the illustration.

Gemini Sun, Rising, Moon (May 21 – Jun 20): This season Mercury retrograde moves through your 12th house of the subconscious, mysteries, things that lie beyond the physical plane, and endings. This can be a very heavy and draining energy, as you trudge through what comes to the surface that has been buried or subdued. The full moon and lunar eclipse shine on your 6th house of daily routines, work, and health. This can bring motivation to make some changes to your daily habits, or totally rearrange your routine. With Mercury retrograde in mind, consider small changes at first while you spend some time reevaluating your day-to-day. Slowly implementing changes and adding more structure where it’s needed can be really helpful. The 5 of Cups indicates an emotionally difficult period–as you navigate some difficult memories and any grief that could come up, remember to shift your focus from time to time. It’s important to acknowledge what’s been lost and give space to our emotions, but it’s also going to be important for you to remember the goodness that remains. With the 5 of Cups, there are always 2 cups still standing, and it can help us to remember that when the gloomy-doomy feels pull us in too deep. The Burdock card comes to you with the message to keep persisting–you are digging deep and uprooting old patterns this month. “You know the burrs that get matted into your dog’s coat in autumn? The ones that prick your fingers and refuse to come untangled? That’s Burdock. She’s a tireless companion, and, yes, she sticks with you, cheering you on when you’re running low on steam (or self-esteem!) or recovering from a lingering ailment. Burdock’s a nurturer, building you up with gentle sweetness and asking nothing in return. Her taproot runs deep; once she sets her sights on breaking up crusty soil or shifting old habits, she’s persistently relentless.” ~Maia Toll (The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards). Be gentle and nurturing with yourself, get plenty of rest, make time for connecting with people who feel like home. With all of the deep diving in the 12th house energy, and changes in the 6th house of daily life, it will be important to find moments of joy and plenty of sleep.

Background is a photo of green, leafy treetops. Two cards are shown above the caption “Cancer.” Upside down tarot card of the 5 of Wands reversed depicts 5 people with wands raised and clashing in what looks like a battle, but not a serious one. There is a flowing, wavy rainbow above them. The oracle card reads "Rewild, Plantain," and shows a plantain growing out of the basket of a hot air balloon that is floating over an old, frayed map that is curling on either end.

Cancer Sun, Rising, Moon (Jun 21 – Jul 22): This Taurus season you have Mercury retrograde bringing a review to your 11th house of goals, groups, and friendships. This is a time of thinking over your hopes and dreams, and seeing if your goals are still in alignment with where you’re at now. The beginning can feel a little tough, as reality sets in about certain friendships and group dynamics. As we move through this transit, more clarity comes in, and you will have a better idea of what dreams you actually want to and can bring to life. The full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio light up your 5th house of self-expression, creativity, romance, and fun. Full moons in this house can bring endings and completion to creative endeavors. Sometimes this also brings an end or a peak to romantic situations or creative partnerships, but usually these are endings you’ve felt coming for a while. If you feel like you haven’t been having any fun lately, this full moon on May 5 can stir those emotions and motivate you. How can you weave more joy and pleasure into your life? How can you make some room to express yourself? The 5 of Wands reversed finds you at a place where perhaps there’s a lot of discord, disagreements, fighting, even deception in your circle…and you’ve retreated to your shell and removed yourself from the drama. It’s possible that you’re going to have to sort through the ‘wands’ that have fallen to the floor and have some uncomfortable conversations. At the end of this retrograde period, though, you’ll have more clarity about where you stand and who you want to continue associating with.

My hand holding up a tarot deck, the 6 of Wands card showing. The card depicts a person riding horseback holding a staff with a victory wreath hangin atop it. There are two people walking behind in the background. There is a celebratory, victorious energy to the scene.

I took a peek at the bottom of the deck, and saw the 6 of Wands, so I do feel like we’re moving out of this challenging period towards more harmony and a victorious feeling. The Plantain card asks you to softly step out of your comfort a bit, let yourself get a little wild. Perhaps the full moon in your 5th house will inspire you on how to do this…it doesn’t have to be anything huge, just little nudges towards fun and feeling free from convention. “Great-Aunt Hilda would have a heart attack, you think, while your inner wild child smiles gleefully at this baby step away from ‘civilized.’ If Plantain appears, it’s time to indulge your inner child and seek out your next adventure.” –Maia Toll (The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards)

Background is a photo of green, leafy treetops. Two cards are shown above the caption “Leo.” The tarot card 4 of Cups depicts a person resting against a tree tree trunk wearing a t-shirt with a  yellow sad face. To the left there is a hand reaching out of a cloud holding a golden cup.

Leo Sun, Rising, Moon (Jul 23 – Aug 22): This season Mercury is retrograde in Taurus through your 10th house of career, public life, and authority. This time can be a bit frustrating as setbacks and delays are possible, especially surrounding your goals. This can be a time of reassessing and thinking about what direction you’re headed in–is it time to change course? Issues can surface about how you feel when public attention is on you, and you can even deal with feelings of unwanted attention during these next few weeks. Leave room for flexibility in your plans for May, and if you experience a lot of speed bumps, take a look at the details. Maybe there’s a step you’ve been missing, or there’s a different way to approach things. The full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 light up your 4 house of home, family, and roots. This can offer an opportunity for conflict resolution with family, or some kind of helpful revelation can occur. A full moon eclipse here can also bring an ending having to do with your home or living space–whether you complete a project, or end up literally moving, you can expect some kind of change this eclipse season. For those who are chronically ill and unable to work, or working from home, it could be helpful to try to get out of the house more (easier said than done currently, but even just sitting outside and getting fresh air counts). If you spend a ton of time out of the house, this could be a time for bringing more balance and turning some attention to your living space. The 4th house can also stir up those deep roots and have you thinking about your place in family history; the past, present, and future coming into your consciousness as you ponder your current place in life. The 4 of Cups tells us that while we might not be having the most fun, this time of slowing down is helping us come back into emotional balance. There is often a special gift being offered through this experience–in this case perhaps more clarity on what direction you want to go when the pace picks up again. Sweet Violet, the Inner Sanctum card comes with the reminder that “life’s most important work isn’t always done in the public eye.” There is a balance to be found between the quiet, behind-the-scenes work, and the work that everyone sees. Take this Mercury retrograde slow-down to quietly plant the seeds that will grow and make a big show when they are ready. “Sweet, sweet Violet sings of sun and springtime, carpeting meadows and lawns with lush purple petals. But this glorious show is mere flirtation. Her true abundance comes in the autumn when, quietly and with little fanfare, she shares her seed with the earth, setting the stage for next spring’s performance.”–Maia Toll (The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards)

Background is a photo of green, leafy treetops. Two cards are shown above the caption “Virgo.” The tarot card 2 of Pentacles shows a person juggling 2 large coins, a circle of stars around them. They are standing on a bright pink and orange checkered floor, wearing a black tank top and pants that have a rainbow design flowing from the tank top to the pants. The oracle card reads "Light in the Darkness; St. John's Wort." It depicts a sun in a birdcage, St. John's Wort growing and flowering behind the cage. Snowflakes and winter tree branches frame the card.

Virgo Sun, Rising, Moon (Aug 23 – Sept 22): This season Mercury retrograde in Taurus brings a review to your 9th house of philosophy, higher learning, spirituality, and travel. This can have you rethinking some of your beliefs, and might be a good time to ponder which philosophies you’ve possibly outgrown. It’s a good time to keep an open mind and explore new ways of thinking and expand your horizons. Mercury influences our thought patterns, how we learn and communicate. Writing (or recording voice memos) to get thoughts out of your head can be helpful through this transit. Throwing some of that mental energy into learning something new is also a great avenue to explore. The full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 shine on your 3rd house of communication, thinking, writing, siblings, and short trips. You may find yourself having to tie up loose ends in this area of life, and sometimes you’ll see an influx in people reaching out to you. There are likely to be at least a few misunderstandings and miscommunications at this time, as you and others attempt to get your points across. Take plenty of time for quiet and rest to avoid overwhelm and cope with any frustrations. Let things unfold–we only have a small piece of the picture at the beginning of the month…we’ll get clarity as we get through these transits. The 2 of Pentacles is a card of change, and with it you can find that you are trying to juggle a lot of things at once. During this retrograde period, it’s the perfect time to slow down and see what can be put down so that your juggling act is more balanced and manageable. Taurus season asks us to be practical and find solutions grounded in reality. St. John’s Wort comes to you as a “Light in the Darkness,” reminding you that some of the most magical plants know how to store the sun’s energy for long periods of time, and continue to thrive in the darker months. Where can you find “a sip of sunshine” to get you through darker moments? I love this quote from the Illustrated Herbiary: “This is her greatest trick: bringing light and warmth to your darkness by helping to re-create the electric leap of synapses firing and energy moving along.” –Maia Toll (The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards)

Background is a photo of green, leafy treetops. Two cards are shown above the caption “Libra.” The tarot card is the Empress, and depicts an empress sitting on a colorful thrown with pink, orange, and floral throws and pillows. The empress has a crown of stars, and is holding a sceptor. There are palm trees and large plants in the background, and a small stream flowing. The oracle card says, "Pay attention! Nettle," and depicts an eye with a green iris inside a nettle leaf. The nettle plant surrounds it and borders the image.

Libra Sun, Rising, Moon (Sept 23 – Oct 22): This month finds you with Mercury retrograde in full swing through your 8th house of transformation, death and rebirth, sexuality, and shared resources (this is a loaded house that also relates to combined efforts with others, inheritance, and what we learn from relationships in the 7th house). During this transit it can be an important time to review the give and take in your relationships, and consider where it’s possible to balance things out more if necessary. Sometimes Mercury retrograde in the 8th house can bring things up to the surface that you’ve been avoiding facing. I know it sounds easier said than done, but burying it deeper or running can be harder in the long run than facing what comes up now. The Scorpio full moon and lunar eclipse light up your 2nd house, shining a spotlight on physical resources, issues surrounding security (including what makes you feel safe), finances, and our values. The Scorpio moon can lend some investigative energy that pays off, so digging deeper in this area of life can be helpful now. It is a good time to organize and plan, but not so great for impulsive actions (or purchases…hold off on non-essentials because you might find what want changes by the end of this retrograde season). With the full moon lighting up the 2nd house, how you value yourself can bubble up to the surface. The Empress card comes in to remind you that you are priceless, and you have so much to offer and create in this world. This is a really important time to nurture yourself, rest as much as you need to (and then some)–you need the energy for the newness on your horizon. Could be something you’ve been wanting to create for a while, a project, a new idea to nurture, even new relationships. Nettle comes into your reading with the message that it’s important not to let things get blurred into one. Pay attention to the details, especially as Mercury asks us to slow things down. “We’re all different, all unique. When you acknowledge Nettle’s individuality and treat her with thoughtful respect, she’ll let you close. But forget yourself, and you won’t forget her sting. Nettle reminds you to see individuality and treat the world around you accordingly.”–Maia Toll (The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards)

Background is a photo of green, leafy treetops. Two cards are shown above the caption “Scorpio.” The tarot card 4 of Pentacles depicts a person with long hair, half black, half bright orange, sitting on a large orange chest. There are two large pentacles or coins, one beneath each foot. They are holding one large pentacle in their lap, and there is one large pentacle above their head. There is a castle behind them, and flowing waves of hot pink and orange rise up behind them. The oracle card says, "Resurrection. California Poppy," and depicts a grey and white owl on a tree branch. A crescent moon covers the left side of the owl's face, framing the head. One foot is holding a bunch of orange California poppies. There is a diamond design behind the owl. A black background with white dots that look like a starry sky behind the diamond design.

Scorpio Sun, Rising, Moon (Oct 23 – Nov 21): This month Mercury retrograde in Taurus will bring attention to your 7th house of partnerships, marriage, and how you relate with others. This can bring a review to your agreements and contracts with others, as well as your boundaries within your relationships of all kinds. Taurus energy brings attention to how secure you feel in your relationships, and helps find practical solutions when you slow down and look at the details. There can be more miscommunications and misunderstandings than usual with romantic and platonic relationships, and part of the guidance of the 4 of Pentacles is to trust in the solid foundations you have built in this area of life. Instead of operating from a place of fearing losing people, take a look at what practical steps you can take to create any change that is needed. The relationships that you’ve built strong foundations with can handle changes that make you both feel more secure in the long run. The full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 lights up your 1st house of self, self-esteem, how you appear to others and interact with the outside world, and beginnings. This can have you thinking a lot about…well, yourself 😅 and what you want to leave behind. Using your Scorpio investigative skills to figure out what you want to be putting your energy into can be helpful now. The answers right now lie within, as cliche as that sounds. Eclipses in the first house can have all your emotions coming up to the surface, so finding healthy ways to release them will be helpful (having some good crying sessions, singing really loudly, whatever helps you let loose a little that’s accessible to you). With the Sun and Mercury opposite in the 7th house, things could feel a little chaotic or out of your control in relationships. Things can change quickly with relationships, and it can feel a bit whirlwindy. Again, the 4 of Pentacles comes in to remind you that you do have solid ground to stand on thanks to the work you’ve put in to your relationships and your own growth. The key now is taking steps towards more balance in partnerships, not holding too tightly to what you’re worried about losing. Loosening your grip can make way for changes that make things even better in the long run. California Poppy comes with the message that sometimes we need to retreat within and dive into the shadows. “Golden Poppy lives in both sun and shadow. She opens her petals in daylight and closes them when night comes, giving in easily, knowing resurrection will come with the dawn. It’s okay to sleep without dreaming, Poppy soothes, to fall deep and far. Have no fear. Day will come, and you’ll once again stretch and unfurl.” –Maia Toll (The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards).

Background is a photo of green, leafy treetops. Two cards are shown above the caption “Sagittarius.” The tarot card 3 of Wands depicts a person facing the background, surrounded by 3 long staffs. Their hand is holding on of the staffs, and they are looking off into the distance. There are mountains in the distance, a pink triangle above with stars on either side. The oracle card says, "A spoonful of Sugar. Marshmallow." There is a fancy cake sitting atop a pile of cushions. Marshmallow plant flowers decorate the cake and grow out of a pot in front of the cushions. Billowing white cloud waves border the picture.

Sagittarius Sun, Rising, Moon (Nov 22 – Dec 21): This season Mercury retrograde slows things down for review in your 6th house of daily life, routines, work, health and sickness. Some obstacles and delays can show up in your day-to-day and with your work during this transit. Miscommunication can come up more than usual, so it’s a good time to gather all the info before reacting. In general we’re being asked to pause, slow down, and review–and for you that review has to do with your everyday life. Taurus energy encourages seeking some practical and grounded solutions to make daily life easier, more comfortable. As the sun, Mercury, and Uranus bring more attention to your habits, routines, and health issues, you could find yourself inspired to look for innovative ways to build some structure to your life. That structure can be unique, something that works for you and allows you freedom and flexibility. Retrogrades in the 6th house can be particularly intense for people with chronic health issues–there can be miscommunications with doctors, tests sometimes have to be redone, etc. But there’s one nice thing about it, which is that sometimes during Mercury retrograde in the 6th we revisit things and get answers that were missed before. The full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 light up your 12th house of mysteries, the subconscious, things beneath the surface and beyond the physical, secrets, self-undoing, and karma. You might need to withdraw into your inner world for a bit, have some time to navigate the deeper waters of this mysterious area of life. This isn’t the best time to get wrapped up solving other people’s problems and avoiding your own, so make sure to be balanced with how much of your energy you share during this eclipse season. Things that have been buried deep can come to the surface, so tending to your emotional and mental health is extra important now. The 3 of Wands gave me the feeling that brand new experiences are ahead, especially in areas that you’ve invested a lot of energy into. Take this Mercury retrograde time to plan out any actions you want to take towards your goals, and give some time to see which seeds you’ve already planted are beginning to sprout. Marshmallow comes into your reading asking how you might sweeten up the bitter parts of life right now. “But Marshmallow’s not one to dwell in the past; she takes too much joy in bringing ease to the present. And there’s much work to do: Digestion these days! she tsks as she sets about creating her latest confection. Call on Marshmallow when you need to soften and rediscover sweetness.” –Maia Toll (The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards)

Capricorn Sun, Rising, Moon (Dec 22 – Jan 19): This month Mercury retrograde slows things down and brings a review to your 5th house of self-expression, creativity, romance, fun, and physical pleasure. During this time you might find your creativity and ability express yourself feels a bit stifled. Are there ways you can weave some fun into your life this month? With Taurus energy, it can be especially helpful to do things that physically feel good and nourishing to your body. That can feel like a tricky thing with chronic illness or pain, but what are some things you have found bring you relief or pleasantly distract you from it, even just for a few moments? Uranus in Taurus can lend some innovative energy to this, so perhaps take this review cycle to think on ways that you can incorporate more pleasure and fun. It will be helpful now to find ways to tip the scales towards more balance, especially if it’s felt like you’ve been having to focus on not-so-fun aspects of life. The full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 light up your 11th house of friendships, groups, and goals. This can stir up feelings about your sense of belonging, and turns your attention to how you’re feeling in your friendships and the groups you belong to. With eclipse season we see shifts in energy as we enter a new cycle. Sometimes with these shifts we see what friendships or associations we are no longer compatible with or in alignment with; perhaps a chapter is just closing in this area of life. Sometimes lunar eclipses in this house can even bring an end to arguments or conflict, and can be a time when good friendships deepen and become stronger. Check in with your goals for the future–do you still want to put energy towards them, or perhaps new goals are sprouting? Despite Mercury retrograde being a time for slowing down, the Knight of Wands charges into your reading letting you know that you do need some action right now. This card made me think of how there is a lot happening in your 5th house right now, and this Knight feels like stirring up some fun is called for. If it’s felt like a stagnant period, the Knight of Wands lets you know that change is in the air. Elderberry comes in to let you know you can tango with that Knight of Wands through all of the changes. “Elderberry’s yearly evolution teaches you to dance with the closely twined cycles of life, death, and rebirth. Wherever you are in life, she reminds you that acceptance of life’s cyclicality is the key to earning your spot at the garden’s center.”–Maia Toll (The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards)

Background is a photo of green, leafy treetops. Two cards are shown above the caption “Aquarius.” The tarot card 9 of Pentacles shows a person wearing a long white dress covered in stars and a long, black cloak. The inside of the cloak is bright pink. The person has one arm raised, a bird perched on their hand. Large pentacles (coins) surround their feet, and there is a luscious garden with giant cacti and desert plants. The oracle card reads, "Center and Ground. Red Clover," and depicts a bright red human heart with red clover growing out of it. There are bees on some of the clovers.

Aquarius Sun, Rising, Moon (Jan 20 – Feb 18): This month Mercury retrograde transits your 4th house of family, home, and roots. Mercury in Taurus asks us to slow down and hone in on some of the practical details that can get overlooked when we’re rushing along. What ways can home be more comfortable or pleasant for you? This can be a tricky question for disabled and chronically ill folks…there’s rarely the energy to rearrange your whole living situation. But Taurus energy asks us to take a practical approach. What small changes or fixes (that you have the bandwidth and energy for) can be made to make things feel better at home? This review period can also have you diving into the past, memories, family issues…this can feel heavy at times, especially during eclipse season as cycles are shifting. The bonus to a retrograde in this emotional house is that important revelations and opportunities to make peace with parts of your past can come out of it all. The full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 bring a spotlight to your 10th house of career issues, public life, and authority. This eclipse in the 10th house can really bring your priorities to the forefront, especially regarding your career and family. For my chronically ill or disabled Aquarians who feel like they don’t have a career, you can also think of this as a call to think about your vocation, or what you feel called to do in the world–it doesn’t have to be a traditional ‘career’ (as always, a reminder that managing chronic illness can be a full-time job, and your work to care for yourself and survive is valid and worthy). An interesting side to the full moon eclipse in this house is that you can find yourself getting more public attention in some way, or finding you can’t hide from the spotlight (and perhaps don’t want to anymore if you have been avoiding attention). There can be some good opportunities that arise from the attention you get this month. Possibly more clarity arises for what direction you want to go from here. The 9 of Pentacles is such a nice card to come into your reading, especially with the upcoming eclipse in your 10th house. This is the energy of hard work paying off, and being able to enjoy some of the fruits of your labor. Whatever you have been working towards is worth it, you’re building up to something that brings more comfort and ease. Red Clover comes to you encouraging you to put energy towards your goals. “Red Clover wants you to get moving–in body and in spirit! She loves grounded action and will happily bolster your courage (from the Latin word cor, which means “heart”) when you’re acting from a strong center, so you can step out and move forward. Bold but not rash, Red Clover gets your blood up so you can show up fully.”–Maia Toll (The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards)

Background is a photo of green, leafy treetops. Two cards are shown above the caption “Pisces.” The upside down tarot card is the 7 of Cups reversed. The card shows a person staring at a cloud filled with 7 cups. There is a big house in one cup, one is overflowing with jewels, one has a victory wreath, one has a sweet looking dragon/serpent with horns, one has the nonbinary pride flag colors, one has a snake wrapping around it, one has a person's face, perhaps of the person looking up at all the cups. The oracle card reads, "Be Yourself. Daisy," and shows a daisy growing out of the ground, the flowering part framed in a polaroid picture. A chain of daisies form a wreath around the central daisy.

Pisces Sun, Rising, Moon (Feb 19 – Mar 20): Mercury retrograde in Taurus brings your 3rd house into focus this season. The 3rd house has to do with communication, your thought processes and patterns, writing, siblings, and short trips. A lot can be running through your mind at once during this time, and that 7 of Cups reversed definitely indicates some difficulties in making decisions. Giving yourself plenty of quiet and down time whenever you’re able to will be helpful in gaining clarity through this. With Mercury retrograde through the house of short trips, if you drive it’s a good idea to stay on top of maintenance things (like tire pressure, checking your oils and fluid levels, etc), and exercise extra caution while driving. Miscommunications are common for all of us during this time, but can be a little extra when your 3rd house is heavily involved. Asking people questions instead of making assumptions or languishing in uncertainty can be helpful now. If you’re finding it more difficult than usual to concentrate, you’re not alone! Giving yourself breaks from what needs your attention, and giving your mind some healthy outlets can help (reading, writing, listening/watching/gaming, anything that stimulates your mind in a fun way). The full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio light up your 9th house of philosophy, higher learning, spirituality, and travel. This energy can have you deep diving into your personal philosophy on life, or wanting to learn more about other places and ways of thinking. This is a wonderful time to explore your belief systems and spirituality–are there some ideas you want to dedicate even more time to learning about? What beliefs no longer feel true to you? You might find it’s time to release certain ways of thinking to make room for growth and new ideas. The 7 of Cups reversed feels a bit like this is a hard time to make any decisions…in some ways it might feel like you don’t actually have any/many options. It can feel a bit messy when the cups fall to the floor, but the nice thing about Mercury in Taurus asking us to slow down is that you can take some time to sift through things and slowly find solutions. Taurus asks us to be practical, and 7 of Cups can be a moment of realizing where we’ve been deluding ourselves a bit. It can feel like a let down at first, but really you’re clearing out what weren’t really viable options anyway. If you get stuck, turn your attention to smaller steps that feel doable from where you’re currently at.

My hand holding the deck of tarot cards, the 6 of Swords at the bottom facing the camera. The drawing depicts a woman rowing a boat carrying 2 other passengers, and 6 swords stand in the boat. They are rowing away from choppy waves towards calm, clear water. They are headed towards land with palm trees, a big rainbow, pink sky with yellow stars in the background.

I took a look at the bottom of the deck for an encouraging message, and found the 6 of Swords there, reassuring you that you will get through any challenges, and are sailing towards calmer waters. Daisy comes to you with the message that being your true self, and leaning into being kind to yourself will be helpful this month. “Luckily Daisy learned early on that the best way the distinguish herself was simply to be herself…She persistently finds her way into our homes and gardens to remind us, over and over again, that loving ourselves as we are is the very best medicine.”–Maia Toll (The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards)

Background is a photo of green, leafy treetops. Two cards are shown above the caption “Aries.” The upside down tarot card is the Hermit reversed, and depicts a person with curly hair wearing colorful rainbow robes holding a lantern and walking stick. The background is a black, starry sky. The oracle card reads, "Heart's Home. Hawthorn." In the center is a Hawthorn tree. A circle above shows an orange and yellow sun, circle to the right shows mountains, to the left shows a field and blue skies, and to the bottom is a circle filled with water.

Aries Sun, Rising, Moon (Mar 21 – Apr 19): This month Mercury retrograde in Taurus visits your 2nd house of physical resources, finances, desires, and values. Taurus energy brings our focus back to the practical sides of life, and earthy matters need your attention now. Mercury retrograde can always bring some delays or complications, so there could be some frustrations that arise in this area of life. This can definitely be a difficult astrological house for the disabled and chronically ill communities, especially right now when so many needed supports are being taken away, expenses are rising, and it’s extremely hard to feel a sense of safety out in the world. It’s especially important now to create pockets of safety and security where we can, and Taurus energy can help us find practical ways to do that, slowly and steadily. During this period we are being asked to slow down and review, so it can help to take some time out to think about your value system and whether you’re in alignment with it (perhaps you’ve been through a lot the past few cycles, and your values have changed significantly). The second house also deals with security–beyond physical and financial security, what makes you feel safe? What small steps could you take towards fostering more of what makes you feel secure? The full moon and lunar eclipse in Scorpio May 5th light up your 8th house of transformation, death and rebirth, sexuality, how we learn and grow from our relationships in the 7th house, and shared resources. This is a period of some important changes, and often this is a time for clearing out and making room for new growth. Eclipses in the 8th house tend to bring major shifts, the closing of one chapter and moving into a new one. Relationship dynamics can come to the surface with the 8th house lit up, as you become more cognizant of your responsibilities to your relationships and shared material things (finances, property, shared living space, etc.). The Hermit reversed asks you not to shy away from quiet time to yourself, time to explore and really feel all that wants to surface in this Taurus-Scorpio energy. The Hermit is not about isolation or hiding away from the world, but rather shining your light on the shadows and exploring them for answers. You can still enjoy the company of others in Hermit mode, you can reach out for guidance or help when you need it. This isn’t a journey you have to take alone, but it is one that requires some alone time to process and really feel your way through some big changes that are ready to come through. Hawthorn comes into your reading as an ancient tree that is sacred in many traditions. The feeling I get from this card is the immense strength you have inside you–you can handle this transformative period, even any emotionally painful parts. Finding a balance between allowing yourself to dig a little deeper into your own shadows, and keeping one foot grounded in the present (and perhaps reaching out to a friend when you need to lighten things up and take a break from the intensity of it all). “Those days are mostly past, but Hawthorn holds the portals open, knowing these inner connections provide true nourishment to keep the heart whole. If Hawthorn appears for you, strengthen your heart and guard it from homesickness by tending to the connections between the spirit realms and material world.”–Maia Toll (The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards)

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Reference Books I Use Regularly

Retrograde Planets by Erin Sullivan

Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring

The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology by April Elliott Kent

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