Photo of a non-binary half Indian person with half very short, brown hair, and half long past the shoulder. They are wearing dark framed glasses and a blue collared shirt.

Hi! I’m Leah or Leo (love both), your spoonie tarot reader, astrologer, writer, artist, and reiki master. I am nonbinary, queer, disabled, and Asian American (India). My pronouns are they/them/theirs (how to use gender neutral pronouns in my Linktree).

🥄 I do my best to give readings and treatments without ableism. When I am open for readings, I will always have a sliding scale and affordable options available. I will update on my homepage and on Instagram when I have bookings available.

🚨I will never DM on Instagram or privately reach out to offer readings, so please be smart and aware of scams. There are many scammers on Instagram and the internet who will attempt to get money from you with messages like, “I have an urgent message from your spirit guides.” Please be aware that there are no legitimate tarot readers or astrologers that phish for clients through private messages. I will always be clear about how to book with me. 

Current status: 🔒Bookings Closed 

Please respect my boundary of not requesting free readings or guidance if I do not know you—when bookings are available I will always update followers and provide a link to properly schedule.

🌈About my website and social media accounts: I share my art, free readings, spoonie musings, connect with friends here. I am not into toxic positivity. Living with chronic illness means facing many unpleasant facets of existence, and I won’t silence myself for the comfort of others. I always look for the sparks of light and try to share uplifting stuff. But like life, my “content” is a wide range, and my blog will address less than cheerful topics from time to time. My horoscopes and tarot readings are designed to bring some hope and deliver the messages that come through in a thoughtful and ethical way.

🥄For fellow spoonies wanting to connect: my diagnoses are peripheral spondyloarthritis, fibromyalgia, hidradenitis suppurativa, and celiac disease w/ DH. I am also a colorectal fistula survivor (fistulasurvivalguide.org for link to large and active fb support group I founded) and live with c-ptsd.

💌 Connect with me on Instagram or email me at starsnspoons22@gmail.com .

🙌🏽Happy to have you here, thank you so much for reading and following along! 💓

Accessibility Image Description: Photo of me, a non-binary person with dark brown hair, half of hair is cut very short, other half long/wavy. I am wearing a greyish-blue collared shirt, sitting in front of a sunny window. There is a cherry plum tree with reddish green leaves glowing through the sunlight in the background.


♥Leo Ruthe

©️All Writing and Art owned and created by Leah (Leo) Ruthe Chatterjee