11/22/22 – Hi all! Hope you enjoy the site’s new look! I am currently planning new readings and horoscopes for you, hopefully on a more regular schedule. I’ll also be adding a section for spoonie musings–I have thoughts and messages to share as a disabled person living through a pandemic. From time to time I will update here with stretches of time that I’ll offer private readings. Currently the only way to get a tarot reading from me is to check out the mutual aid raffles I contribute to on Instagram. Follow me there if you want to enter those, and I offer free readings there fairly regularly through my Stories. Looking forward to doing more with this site! Thank you for being here, scroll down for upcoming astrology happenings!

Happy Sagittarius Season!

(Nov 22 – Dec 21)
I chose the owl (specifically the barn owl because they are so pretty) for Sagittarius because they are both associated with wisdom and higher learning. Owls are fierce and formidable when they need to be. Owls can see things from a perspective nobody else does and have the same expansive vibe of fiery Sagittarius—they can travel long distances and see things from angles few others can (have you seen the way an owl can rotate its head more than 270°?!?!). These two just made sense together—wickedly smart,  inspirational energy that will light up and warm your soul (and keep you on your toes)!

A brown and white barn owl swooping down over a rolling green field, the Sagittarius constellation in the sky.


Astro Happenings

💫 Super New Moon in Scorpio –> Sagittarius Nov. 23, 2022

🪐 Jupiter goes direct in Pisces Nov. 24, 2022 

💫 Neptune goes direct in Pisces Dec. 3, 2022

🪐 Full Moon in Gemini Dec. 7, 2022

💫 Super New Moon in Capricorn Dec. 23, 2022

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