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Happy Birthday, Libra!!!

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  • General Tarot Reading ($44 1 hour): I will pull cards with you for an hour–I can pull cards on any topics you would like, or just see what comes up.
  • Compass Reading ($22 30 mins): This is a nice reading for guidance if you need some direction. I will pull cards for your true north, the energy supporting you, where you’re coming from, and where you’re headed, and we’ll discuss what comes up!
  • Relationship Reading ($53 1 hour): Great for couples, or for gaining perspective on any relationship. I will pull cards for you, the other person, and the energies between you.
  • 3 Card Mini Reading ($11 15 mins): I will pull 3 tarot cards on a topic or question of your choosing, or we can do a classic past, present, future reading.
  • Birthday Tarot Reading ($44 1 hour): This is a 12-month tarot reading. I will pull one card for each month of the year, cards for the overarching themes of your year ahead, and cards for any questions you have about the year ahead.
  • Numerology Report ($33 1 hour): This is a numerology reading where I will use your name and birthday to read your numbers. This report will include your Life Path number, your Destiny number, your Soul number, your Personality number,  your Maturity and Balance numbers, as well as your 4 Challenges, 4 Pinnacles, Cycle numbers, and Karmic numbers.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to decline a reading for any reason. Possible reasons for declining a reading: your problem is too serious and requires professional help from appropriate resources; I don’t feel I can help you. I am not a therapist or psychiatrist, these readings are for fun and you take any advice or suggestions at your own risk. I am not liable for any issues you have after our reading, so please enter a reading with the understanding that these are just suggestions based on an ancient form of therapy. What you do with the information given is up to you, and ultimately you control your own destiny.

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