Super Moon ‘Scopes & Quotes

***Full Moon in Virgo***February 19, 2019***7:53am (PST) at 0° Virgo***

This Virgo full moon is a super moon (extra close to Earth), and coincides with Chiron’s shift into Aries, so I wanted to at least pull some cards for each sign for this transition. As always, remember to amp up the self-care as super moons (and full moons in general) can have us bloated and more inflamed than usual. Below are quotes about this moon and Chiron from some of my favorite astrologers. Scroll down for your full moon tarotscopes!

Catch you soon for March moon horoscopes!


Leah R. Chatterjee 

Quotes from the Pros

“As you enter a Virgo progression, you have reached one of several eral points in your emotional evolution where you are hungering to become what you could be. To do that, Things Need To Be Fixed Up Around Here. The worry and the focus on the flaws in yourself or your situation provide the necessary impetus for you to do some realistic self-analysis; to see what you need to work on, what stands in your way between where you are and where you want to be. The symbol of the Virgo woman is often seen carrying a sheaf of wheat, which reminds us that Virgo wants to bear “fruit,” to be of service in a real and practical way that makes a measurable difference in the lives of herself and others. Your highest task during this progression is to think of yourself as raw material, ready to be shaped through effort and acquiring skills necessary to make a real contribution.” —Amy Herring Astrology of the Moon

“Virgo, which can indicate nervousness, rules the processes of assimilation, selection and utilization in the body. It rules the process of discrimination and is involved in splitting and separating. It rules the small intestine, the pancreas, duodenum, and the enzyme production of the liver. It rules chylification or primary assimilation and rules amino acid formation in the intestines.” —Diane L. Cramer Medical Astrology

“On a mental level, this Full Moon is going to be exposing all that we need to release and let go of. While this is typical for most Full Moons, on this Virgo Moon we are specifically going to be encouraged to let go of repetitive thoughts, over-thinking, worries, and fears of the future.

To help us with this, the Universe may stir some of our core fears, or agitate some of our beliefs in order to help bring awareness and exposure to them.

Most of us have fear lurking in the corner of our minds and hearts and, while this is part of our human experience, the more conscious we can become of our fear, the more it helps us to know when it is driving our decisions or when it is simply in the background as a way to protect us.” —Tanaaz Forever Conscious 

“Chiron in Pisces was about acknowledging, then releasing, the pain. Chiron in Aries will be about confronting, then fighting to make progress, as a way of healing. Note that “healing” does not mean the Chiron wound magically vanishes. It never goes away. But you can learn to live with it, and by doing this, you gain compassion for yourself and others.” —Nadia Gilchrist Ruby Slipper Astrology

“We have Chiron in ARIES now -which has some major soul wake up lessons for us.

A yod – with interactions from Venus Conjunct Saturn and Mercury Conjunct Neptune – a definite soul contract energy – reminding us of one of the lessons that was drilled into us the last few years

and the Sun moving into Pisces – reminding us that at heart, we are spiritual beings and need to live as such.

Chiron in Aries takes my biggest focus. Chiron also has some level of healing crisis that it works – whether it is emotional, or physical in it’s nature, we all know there is a spiritual context to dis-ease. Chiron in Aries brings us to the crisis point of who we are – our I AM level. Any level of dis-ease going on, is on a larger level, a wake up cry from the soul. It’s time to reawaken the spiritual soul warrior within and live with courage.” —Mimi Clark of Gaia Blooming


Super Moon Tarotscopes

Please be sure to read your rising sign too, as this can give you a broader insight into what astrological energies you’re feeling. You can find your rising sign by plugging in your birth info to any free chart service online. I used “The Psychic Tarot for the Heart” by John Holland art by John Matson for this reading.

32CC5D45-1953-4485-BF26-8A6D50C75592Aquarius/Aquarius Rising (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18): This full moon falls in your 8th house of transformation and sexuality. A full moon transiting this house could have you ready to transform some part of your life, and with the moon in Virgo you’ll want to take some kind of solid step towards making room for that transformation. What do you need to release this moon to make way for the change you want right now? I pulled the 8 of Cups for you this full moon—a turning point of some sort is happening now, and it’s a good time to think about what you are holding onto from the past that needs letting go. Take some time this week to go inward, and do whatever helps you gain perspective (get out in some nature if you are able to, do some mindfulness meditations, lose yourself in a book). Transformation can be a little scary, but tap into that Aquarian energy that feels at home with the strange, and embrace the change.

944634B5-A7D5-4E5D-98C5-9F8114AC81B7Pisces/Pisces Rising (Feb. 19 – Mar. 20): This full moon in Virgo falls in your 7th house of partnerships and marriage. When the full moon transits the 7th house it can be a time of taking a harder look at your one-on-one relationships (not just romantic partners). Often this is a time that can spark either a deepening of your connections, or it can be the beginning of knowing things are coming to a close with some relationships. I pulled the Fool for Pisces during this full moon—this card is often about a new beginning, the beginning of a new cycle or journey. It can also be about finding comfort in your path, and taking a leap of faith in following it. This is a time of taking some action towards your dreams, and keeping your eyes and intuition open for opportunities that could provide interesting doorways.

25CE0E07-CD3F-4090-B1EA-39A85F033F3BAries/Aries Rising (Mar. 21 – Apr. 19): This full moon in Virgo lights up your 6th house of work and health. When the full moon transits this house, there can be an urge to change up your routine, even change things up at work (if you’re not working now, perhaps you will have some inspiration on how you could do some things from home). This can also shake up some change in your health stuff, whether that’s a change in your health routine, a new direction in treatment, or even a resolution for a health issue you’ve been struggling with. The Virgo energy of this moon will have you wanting to take some action to bring order to 6th house areas of life (sometimes Virgo energy will show up as anxiety or fear, but that anxiety serves a purpose in that it can propel us towards taking necessary action). I pulled the Devil card for Aries during this full moon—in what ways are you feeling trapped, and is it possible the trap is of your own making? In what ways can you set yourself free? The devil card has us looking at our fears and insecurities, and asks us to take action towards freeing ourselves from our own prisons.

AEE4DE72-9E73-49C3-AAAB-63AF89828ECATaurus/Taurus Rising (Apr. 20 – May 20): This Virgo full moon falls in your 5th house of self-expression, romance and pleasure, and creativity. When the full moon falls in this house, you can find yourself yearning to go out and have some fun—and if your health struggles have you stuck at home a lot, this can be frustrating. Finding some ways this week to let loose and have fun could be really good for you, though, so brainstorm ways you can get out of your usual scene. That could even be just moving out of the bedroom, setting yourself up in a different room with a different view, and inviting people to bring some excitement to you. We spoonies often forget that we are still capable of feeling pleasure, and this is an important time to explore that—what still feels good? I pulled the 7 of Wands for Taurus during this full moon; it’s time to take charge of all things 5th house. Full moons are for letting go, so if you’ve been holding back in expressing yourself, if you’ve been neglecting your need for fun and romance, now is the time to let go of that. Make some moves towards feeling good and having some fun—it’s okay to put aside projects and things you’ve been working on for a short time.

CFD4C516-BFF7-48D3-837A-4F3338CC3821Gemini/Gemini Rising (May 21 – Jun. 21): This full moon in Virgo lights up your 4th house of family, home, and roots. The full moon in this house can be a time when resolutions and endings come about in this area of life—family disputes could settle down, things you’ve been working on around your home could get finished up. Full moons are a time to release anything you’ve been holding onto this past cycle, so it’s a good time to think about what needs to be let go of. Because the 4th house is also about our roots, this moon can feel like it’s stirring up karmic things that run deep. While there could be an urge to hunker down and marinate in your feelings, it’s actually a good moon for you to try to connect with others. I pulled the Ace of Coins for Geminis this full moon—this is a great moon for bringing more balance and stability to family relationships. Dig your feet into that earthy Virgo energy, and look at your family and home from a grounded perspective this week. If you are able to get out of the house this week, take some walks outside, or even just sit outside in the yard or on a balcony. 

160304FD-D4CC-40A8-A062-EEA74AD82447Cancer/Cancer Rising (Jun. 22 – Jul. 22): This Virgo full moon falls in your 3rd house of communication and thought processes. Sometimes when the full moon transits this house we can feel pulled in a lot of different directions, have a hard time making ourselves understood, and even fall into some anxiety surrounding communications and community in general. If you have a lot going on in this area of life, this is a good moon to just focus on the important things right in front of you, and let loose on the reins of less pressing matters. What are you releasing this moon? Are there thought patterns or ways of thinking that need to be let go of? I pulled the World card for us crabs this full moon. This card is about completing a cycle in your life, and a bright new beginning is on the horizon. This is especially shining on your 3rd house, and my gut feeling is that this is a time when you can really change how you think about things, and any unhealthy communication patterns can be healed. I love the World card because it always feels like this fresh field of opportunity before us—take some time this week to think about all you’ve been through, and set aside some time to indulge in self-care as you integrate what you’ve learned into this new cycle.

120592AE-8C9F-4E4F-85FA-1BEC7AFA95E4Leo/Leo Rising (Jul. 23 – Aug. 22): This full moon in Virgo lights up your 2nd house of self-worth and personal finances. This moon could have you facing how you feel about yourself, and how you value yourself. Virgo energy wants us to face truths so that we can get things in working order, and with this energy in the 2nd house you will be looking within a lot. What parts of yourself do you not like, and why? Are you being to hard on yourself? How can you flip the script and find compassion for those parts of yourself? I pulled the 9 of Wands for Leos this full moon—now is the time to take a moment for reassessment. What needs to be rearranged so that you don’t burn out? With this card relating to the 2nd house, this is also a good time to tie up any financial loose ends. The 9 of Wands comes about when you are nearing the completion of something, you just have to keep pushing forward and stay determined and you’ll get there.

F225E794-F25F-4D32-9FAD-B996C3628F27Virgo/Virgo Rising (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22): This Virgo full moon falls in your 1st house of self-image, beginnings, and first impressions. The full moon transiting the 1st house can have you in reevaluation mode—taking a look at your goals and priorities, and figuring out what needs to be released. Full moons in the first house I feel bring a great opportunity for a fresh start, a new beginning. When it comes to how you present yourself to others, what do you want to leave behind, and what do you want to bring in? I pulled the 7 of Coins for Virgos this full moon—this is a moon that helps you take back some control, and bring things back into balance. The message that comes with the 7 of Coins is one of both patience and continued hard work. You’ve already put a lot of yourself into something, and the message here is that while there is still a ways to go, you can get there if you keep at it. If you’ve laid down a solid foundation, things are likely to work out well, so this is also a good week to do some planning for the future. 

B0CBD4FF-9CA4-4E99-800F-D7E6E0DD8839Libra/Libra Rising (Sept. 23 – Oct. 23): This full moon falls in your 12th house of soul growth and undoing, and privacy and secrets. The Virgo full moon transiting this house could have you digging deep beneath the surface, delving into subconscious issues. There can be a tendency to run away from the murkier sides of ourselves, or stuff down the feelings they evoke, but the Virgo energy wants us to face that stuff, wants us to confront the things we are afraid of. I pulled the 3 of Wands for Libra this full moon—this is a lovely card, especially with the full moon transiting such an intense house for you. It indicates a time to enjoy things a little as you reflect on all the work you’ve done on yourself, all of the healing you’ve done. This moon could light a little fire in you, and show you that some of your anxieties can be released now as you realize how far you’ve really come.

8457FE32-8815-452F-B85A-8827594E0D0BScorpio/Scorpio Rising (Oct. 24 – Nov. 21): This full moon in Virgo lights up your 11th house of personal goals, aspirations, and groups. The full moon transiting this house can have you reevaluating friendships, and thinking about what you want to achieve in the coming months, reassessing what you are aiming for. How are you feeling in your group of friends and your social groups? Are there people you need to take a step back from, and are there those you’d like to strengthen your bonds with? I pulled the Death card for Scorpios this full moon—this area of your life, your goals and how you feel in your groups, is ready for some kind of transformation. Some things need to be released to make room for the new. Spend some time this week thinking about what is stagnant in this part of your life, what is no longer benefiting you. Then spend some time thinking about what you want to achieve, what you want for yourself, and how you want to feel in your social and work groups. The time is ripe for change, beautiful Scorpios!

74B3BC7F-14C6-41AF-8B1B-9396EB884CBBSagittarius/Sagittarius Rising (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21): This full moon falls in your 10th house of career, responsibility, and reputation. The full moon transiting this house can have you thinking about what you want to do with your life, and whether you’re on the right path. This can be a difficult house to dwell in for spoonies, as often our careers are put on hold or change drastically due to chronic illness and changes in what we are able to do. The full moon transiting this house can offer a time for new ideas about what you could do now, and sometimes even brings about new opportunities. I pulled the 8 of Wands for Sagittarians this full moon—this card comes up when all the work you’ve done leading up to now pays off in some way. It comes as a message that you can create something now, especially in 10th house areas of life. A lot of times this card indicates it’s an ideal time for personal growth, so pay attention to your ideas and emotions that come up this full moon.

C612960A-FC09-4DCB-B937-AB220CB52297Capricorn/Capricorn Rising (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19): This full moon falls in your 9th house of higher learning and belief systems. The full moon transiting this house could have you tapping into your philosophical and spiritual side more, and the Virgo energy of this moon could have you analyzing how your personal beliefs are affecting the rest of your life. What beliefs are no longer in alignment with you you are now, which beliefs do you want to let go of? And what ideas still resonate, what beliefs do you want to strengthen? I pulled the Ace of Wands for Capricorns this moon—a new spiritual beginning, a new project, new inspiration and creative fire are lit. This moon has you ready to start something new, perhaps even embark on a new adventure.



Astrological Transits by April Elliott Kent

Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring

Medical Astrology by Diane L. Cramer

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